2016 Coolest Male Hairstyles with Beards

It goes without saying that beards make men more masculine and eye-catching. Each chooses the shape and the type of beard that goes with his face shape. But it’s quite essential to match breads with haircuts to have the perfect and well-balanced look. If you care about your beard and make it as neat as possible then you should also think of your haircut. What you choose to combine with it is always upon you and today I will show you the coolest male hairstyles with beards for 2016. Here they are!hairstyles with beards 2016Short Haircut with Beard

Though the majority of beard styles are combined with medium and longer haircuts but they look very neat with short haircuts. In this case you may opt for a short spiky hairstyle to create a flashy look. Tidy and impressive beard can be perfect with short spiky haircuts and can even be used as a classy style.short haircut with beard 2016Fade Haircut with Beard

If fade haircut then beard for sure. These two styles are created for each other. They complete your ideal design and gift you a unique look. Fade haircuts are usually connected with facial hair and seem to be the continuation of your haircut. The style that you choose for your hair should also be matching for your beard. So, try to wear such a fade haircut that it can complement your beard. It can be either long or short.  backcombed hairstyle with beard 2016Side Shaved Undercut with Beard

Among so many undercut hairstyles side shaved undercuts are bolder and more eye-catching haircuts. They are disconnected cuts and so create a kind of contrast with beards. But this contrast is harmonious and very attractive. You can backcomb your longer top part to bring out some facial features.undercut with beard 2016Side Combed Hairstyle with Beardside combed hairstyle with beard 2016If you have medium hair and want to get a classy look you are supposed to opt for sleek hairstyles. One of them is the side combed haircut which makes you look neater. You can achieve it with by hair gel. So, apply it on your locks and comb it them to a side. It’s simple and easy. This cool hairdo is great for formal parties.Side-Sliked hairstyle with beard 2016Long Haircut with Beard

It is more than obvious that long hair requires beard styles to provide you with a masculine look. This combination is one of the most popular ones all over the world. Men who have long healthy hair and want to be more striking by their style should also keep their beard grow out. Be it curly or straight your long haircut will be more impressive combined with beards.long haircut with beard 2016Bun Hairstyle with Beard

Like the previous one male bun hairstyles also request beards to highlight your masculinity. Sometimes buns are considered as female hairstyles but once they are matched with beards they have the boyish touch in them. This is a comfy and tidy hairstyle for men who have medium to long tresses. It keeps all your hair out of your face and showcases your face shape and facial features.bun hairstyle with beard 2016



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