2016 Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Fades and undercuts have been popular in 2015 and they continue to be trendy in 2016. This eye-catching style is one of the bold styles that men use to stand out from the crowd. They are long and relaxed on the top part and almost shaved on the sides. They tend to create a stunning edgy look and give you many hair styling ideas. In this post you will find the best men’s undercut hairstyles for 2016. Have a look at them and sport and haircut or a hairstyle that works with your hair type and face structure.undercut hairstyles men 2016Shaggy Straight Undercut Hairstyle

The beauty of this cool hairstyle cannot be compared with any other edgy look. It is very attractive and spiffy in its shaggy style. The straightness of hair makes it look very neat and tidy. The long top part is combed to a side and tends to showcase the freshness of the haircut. It is quite voluminous and looks well-balanced with the short fade haircut on the sides.straight undercut hairstyle 2016Layered Fade Undercut

What concerns layered cuts we can say that they are best reflected on straight or slightly wavy hair. If you have straight hair you can go for a fade undercut haircut keeping the top part long and layered. These layers can look sleek and clean if you comb them back creating a semi-slicked back hairstyle. In case you have unruly hair you can dry blow it and then apply hair wax so that you can comb it gently.layered undercut hairstyle 2016Layered Undercut Hairstyle

This is a simpler layered undercut since it’s created on slightly wavy hair and is styled with simple hair products. It is seductive in its shades and wavy nature and ideally goes with the short sides. Like the pervious one this layered haircut also needs to be backcombed to look neat. Even if it’s shaggy and wavy the final result will be tidy if you comb all back. As you see layers add volume and fullness to the haircut.wavy layered undercut hair 2016Slicked Back Undercut

Elegant and classy man can opt for this style. It is a slicked back undercut hairstyle which brings out facial features and looks clean, sleek and tidy. This hairstyle is easy to create even on the simplest undercut hairstyle. It is great especially in straight forms.Slicked Back Long Undercut hair 2016Side Shaved Sleek Undercut Hairstyle

Compared with the pervious one this hairstyle is rather bold. The shaved sides grab attention and make us focus on the top part hair. So, try to style the top part long locks into sleek and backcombed classy hairdo to have the desired sharp and striking effect.straight undercut with shaved sides 2016Shaggy Quiff Undercut Hairstyle

If you don’t want to have a too sleek and classy look and seek for a crazier appearance then try the lovely quaff. It requires your top part hair and tens to bring out its charm. To get this look you should dry blow your hair keeping it in an airy and voluminous form. Then comb it up to create the quaff. There are various ways to get the effect and this mostly depends on your hair type. So, sport the astounding shaggy quaff undercut hairstyle in 2016.quiff undercut hair 2016



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