2017 Collage Hairstyles for Guys

Guys always try to look their best in collage. They are looking for trendy and stylish hairstyles that are also low maintenance. Hair is an important part of the style since it may boost the wearer’s confidence and make him stand out in the class. Well, it is a fact that when you are young you always want to try a bit bold hairstyles that will speak about your strong nature as well. However there are various collage hairstyles for 2017 to explore. Collage hairstyles involve crazy undercuts, pompadours, side part and even braided hairdos. Read on to see more!2017 Collage Hairstyles for GuysCurly Afro

Embrace your afro, and never try to hide your natural texture! Most of Afro-American men are blessed with kinky hair. Well, here is the best example! The strands have a medium length that provide with an excellent height. You don’t really need to do anything else rather than showing off your natural curly texture. It is a perfect collage hairstyle for black guys.curly afroMedium-Length Hair

If your strands have the same length then you can easily pull off plenty of hairstyles. The nonchalant and carefree styles are still in mainstream so you can easily style your medium-length hair in a messy pattern. Strands falling on the face give a sexy and handsome feel to this style. It is a “wake up and go” style that doesn’t require any styling.medium length hairBrushed up Hair

This headdress provide with a youthful look that can be rocked in collage as well. The tapered sides and brushed up top work really well together. With the help of the blow-dryer brush your strands up to achieve this style. Longer top will provide with more height. Feel free to use hair products to keep your strands in the place.brushed up hairBuzz Haircut

If you love to keep the things clean and neat then you will definitely love this ultra short headdress. The strands are clipped close to scalp while perfectly curved lines enhance the overall look of the style. It is a non-maintenance look that doesn’t require any care. By the way this buzz haircut looks perfect with just grown out stubble beard.buzz haircutMessy Ringlets

This look is all about hair gels. Even if you have natural curly texture you can achieve this look by applying hair mousse. Rub hair products with your fingers and gently apply to your strands. Play with hair using your fingers to form curls. The sides have been trimmed short while the top is long enough to be styled in other ways too.messy ringletes



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