2017 Creative Bun Hairstyles for Men

Creative men’s buns are getting evolved day by day. More and more runway models and red carpet actors are being spotted with enthusiastic buns. So what is a man bun? It is a masculine twist on the female bun. The bun can be worn either on the top of the head or at the nape of the neck. It can be created by pulling the strands back and twisting into a bun style. If a simple bun is not enough for you, go for razor patterns. Have a look at these men bun hairstyles for 2017.2017 Creative Bun Hairstyles for MenMan Bun with Fade Line Up

It is a traditional men bun style combined with shaved sides. Well, it is an excellent method to take a regular bun style to a whole new level. You can use some hair products to make your locks smooth and out of flyaway strands. Long and thick beards are also trendy, so you have a chance to grow out your facial hair to complement the overall appearance.   Man Bun with Fade Line UpLong Braided Bun

You are seeking for something edgy and bold? Consider this bun! It will definitely set you apart from the others. This bun-like design requires long braids in a bun to showcase the artistic edge. What about clean undercut on the sides? It is a way to accentuate your unconventional bun hairstyle. However note that it is a more half ponytail rather than a bun.    Long Braided BunFishtail Bun Hairstyle

Various braids and twists may provide you an excellent bun style. This particular bun style is all about a fishtail braid and high fade that gives a sophisticated touch to the style. You can style this bun in a messy pattern too. Those, who have always thought that men buns look feminine, should look at this picture. It is a masculine style without feminine feel!Fishtail man Bun HairstyleThick Bun with Line Up

This man bun and beard create a lovely pair while the undercut adds a generous amount of sophistication to the look. We can notice clean straight lines that enhance the appearance of the bun. It is perhaps the most stylish way to style your stands. This bun style is great for men who want to bring out their curly texture while maintaining edgy sexuality.Thick Bun with Line UpBun for Black Men

Black men’s textured buns look super natural. Their kinky hair type adds a cool touch to the style. This bun is easy to create and maintain. You just need to style your locks up and secure into a high bun. You can also create a razor line up to make the design even bolder.  Bun for Black Men



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