2017 Creative Taper Fade Haircuts for Black Men

If you haven’t tried out 2017 creative taper fade haircuts for black men, then it is the highest moment to do that. Afro taper may be defined as a cut where the hair is gradually tapering but it is more splendid and sophisticated than other types of fades. Any man wearing a headdress with a taper fade will definitely be in the center of attention. There are so many ways to rock it, in case if you need some ideas, pass through our article.  2017 Creative Taper Fade Haircuts for Black MenHigh Top

This haircut is probably the most popular one among all Afro-American men. A classic high top allows them to create a charming look. In this particular headdress an extra height adds some beauty and elegance to the style. However, you will also need to taper the sides and add some angular cut at the front to make this headdress a bit edgy. This design is all about getting the cut in a right way.high-topSmooth and Wavy Top

If you prefer to keep the hair on the top a bit lower than this headdress is definitely for you since it maintains some short strands with smooth waves that make the look even more splendid and sophisticated. Apart from amazing natural texture the angles on the design and the high tapering are also magnificent. And if you find long facial hair flattering you should give them an angular cut to create a beautiful disconnection.Smooth and Wavy TopSimple Clean Taper with Lots of Texture

You don’t have to shave a lot of your natural textured strands to create an incredible headdress. Even simple elements such as tapering on the side will be more than enough to achieve a chic look. To finish the style you will need to give it some sharp angles and also do the tapering neatly. When it comes to your facial you, you may shave the cheeks while keeping a small goatee.simple-clean-taper-with-lots-of-textureModern Full Fade

Modern haircuts like this require some skills. This particular design has a full tapering and the strands in the middle should also be tapered towards the back to create a neat look. With this haircut you can also trim your beard and style it innovatively as it will definitely enhance your overall appearance. If you like it, just don’t hesitate to go ahead with it!Modern Full FadeArtistic Fade

Never fear to put some creativity while wearing your new haircut. If you need inspiration, then this particular design will definitely inspire you. Blurry fading would be a simple hairdo if it didn’t have a dramatic cut that makes it splendid. However the razor cut lines on the sides are magnificent and give the style a modern twist. Apart from all these, the simple knot on the top of the head helps to finish the look.Artistic Fade



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