2017 Hairstyle Ideas for Balding Men

If your hair is not as thick as it used to be or if you are starting to lose your strands, it is the best moment for you to explore some cool 2017 hairstyles for bolding men. Well, sooner or later everyone starts to lose hair. Somehow balding hair is really annoying but you can do nothing with that except wearing smart hairstyles to cover it. If you are looking for stylish hairstyles that don’t reveal your baldness or make it appear worse, then these headdresses may come in handy. I am sure you will find your next makeover inspiration among these handsome models.   2017 Hairstyle Ideas for Balding MenSlicked Back Hair

Who would think that this man is trying to conceal his baldness? Due to a stylish hairdo, he looks incredible. As you see you don’t even need to go for trims, because you just need to brush your hair back and probably to give it a little boost at the front to upgrade the overall look. To keep your hair in the place, it will be better you use some hair products.Slicked Back HairTextured Modern Pompadour

With this headdress, no one will guess that you are covering your baldness. Pompadour hairstyles are in demand and you can use them in your favor. In this particular design the texture of the strands make it magnificent. If you want to replicate it consider giving your strands on the top of the head a slight lift, brush back and finish with a fade on the sides.Textured Modern PompadourMessy Top

This headdress is ideal for men who prefer to have some length on the top of the head. It involves messing up the strands on the crown and giving the sides a zero fade. However before styling, you will have to get this cut. Since this year short sides and back with longer hair on the top are in mainstream, you can also use your chance to wear a stylish haircut while covering some imperfections.Messy TopShort Quiff

It is not a secret that the majority part of men is fond of short haircuts, since they don’t like to spend much time styling their locks. This man is wearing a quiff, which may seem a bit shorter than the traditional ones but it still has a sophisticated look. This headdress also requires faded sides that work really well with a short quiff.Short QuiffCrew with a Part

Here is another short design that is no less perfect. It is a simple yet elegant hairstyle that will fascinate all men out there. However it looks fancy because it is not only neat and clean but it also has a smooth side part. This is a modern approach of traditional crew haircut.Crew with a Part



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