2017 Hairstyles for Stylish Guys

With the changing of the season, we are looking for a new makeover, since a new season is the beginning of a new life. It is not a secret that the beginning of something inspires for a new look as well as changing the wardrobe and getting a fresh haircut. Whether you have natural thick or thin, short or long hair, these 2017 stylish hairstyles will be perfect for any time of the year. Consider using some patters to enhance the look of your trendy hairdo. If you are a stylish man then you will definitely like these options.   2017 Hairstyles for Stylish GuysTaper Fade and Shaved Line

This style has a plenty of texture and it features men’s stylish haircuts. The model in this picture has a natural thick hair that allows him to go for various designs. The sides and the back have been tapered to keep this cut cool and easy to pull off while the shaved line help to make a fashion statement. It is a headdress that can be worn on any occasion.Taper Fade and Shaved LineVolume on Top and Sort Sides

The most popular hairstyles of men involve long top, short sides and back and they looks so good. This headdress works well for all kinds of hair types providing thin or fine hair with lots of volume. The top has been styled in a messy way while the short sides and beard line are perfectly connected to create a defined look. Consider this option too, since this is what modern men prefer.Volume on Top and Sort SidesSlick Back Style

Men’s classic slicked back hairstyles are evolving. A natural finish and movement came to replace shiny and groomed look. I have already mentioned that this year all trendy hairdos are all about natural texture. So, this model has longer hair on the top that allows him to create a perfect slick back style. Apart from an amazing cut, the hair also has a beautiful blonde shade that makes the wearer stand out.Slick Back StylePomp + Line Up and High Fade

The pomp is another hairdo that is being updated time by time. This version looks better with a modern twist. The matte finish, textured top and high fade at the sides create a straightforward look. Clean lines add a surprisingly right angle that contrasts with the fuzzy fade. To achieve a sophisticated look like this you will need to find a skillful barber.Pomp Line Up and High FadePlatinum Spikes

A cool haircut should also have a unique hair color. Platinum blonde seems an unexpected shade for men, but they rock it perfectly. This hue works really well with the wearer’s skin complexion. It enhances the look of spiked up strands and boosts man’s self-confidence. As you see the sides are tapered short like many other popular hairstyles.Platinum Spikes



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