2017 Men’s and Boy’s Short Haircuts

Are you ready to have a look at the trendiest men’s and boy’s short haircuts for 2017? Hair fashion is not only females anymore, in the last years we can see a huge changes in vintage and classy hairstyles. This is happening because men show some willingness to go for bold yet sexy cuts. However you shouldn’t forget that the conformability of the style is also important. 2017 Men’s and Boy’s Short HaircutsThe Side Part Cut

Well, when you can’t commit between long and short strands then wear both of them. This haircut is similar to the undercut with one side cut super short. With this haircut you will not have to put lot of time and effort into the look. It is a casual style that can be swept over nonchalantly. This haircut will provide you limitless charm and masculinity.The Side Part CutLong Short Hair

It is another way to combine long and short strands. If you get a right cut you will not have to use a ton of hair products. The best way is to incorporate various lengths into the style. This particular headdress involves a long side and tapered cut on the other side. It is a great option for men with thick hair type but it doesn’t mean others cannot rock it.Long Short HairShort Hair with Long Fringe

This angular fringe is super popular among models and professionals and it is rapidly being adopted by ordinary men too. This model is perfectly rocking his angular fringe. Apart from a cool cut he has also switched up his hair color. Some well-placed highlights are more than enough to upgrade the overall look. A haircut like this will definitely boost your confidence.Short Hair with Long FringeSmart Style

If you are looking for a gentlemen look, then this option may be a great for you. The hair has a longer length on the top while the sides are short. These smooth locks can be styled with lowlights and highlights to add an extra class to the look. It is a perfect style for men with oval, triangular or square face shapes. You just need to get the cut in a right way since styling will take less than five minutes.Smart StyleDyed Hair

A few years ago it was considered a taboo for guys to color their strands but today we can see men with bold pastel shades and it is becoming a normal thing. Men dye their hair either to conceal the grey strands or simply make a fashion statement. This model is wearing a platinum blonde shade that is a product of bleaching sessions. All cuts will definitely look great on this color.Dyed Hair



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