2017 Men’s Hair Highlights for Brunette Hair

Nowadays hair highlights on dark strands work for both ladies and men. As a man you can have the best haircut but the chance that it will not be unique is high because other people also may wear it. So the best way to stand out from the crowd is to add some smart hair highlights to your brunette locks. The good thing about it is that options are endless and you can be sure of having an exclusive headdress. Here are some hair highlights for brunette hair for 2017 that you can try out.2017 Men’s Hair Highlights for Brunette HairBrunette Pompadour

There is no need even to say how fabulous this headdress is and it requires tapering the sides and leaving a long, textured pompadour on the crown. Here, the only thing you need to do is to give your natural brunette strands some soft brown streaks. However these highlights will be pretty easy to achieve on your dark locks. The trendy appearance like this will grab attention and make you feel self confident.Brunette PompadourBlonde Streaks

This hairdo has a gorgeous upswept and wavy design on the top of the head. The sides are relatively shorter than the hair on the crown. To replicate this look you will need to apply subtle blonde highlights and add some class to the style. This color is meant to brighten up the natural dark strands. It is a hairstyle to create a top-notch look.Blonde StreaksLong Bangs

Bangs like these will definitely look good with any hair color but this particular design requires blending several tones of brown to make this style look distinct.  However there is also a bold undercut that makes the wearer stand out. When it comes to the facial hair, you can keep it long and thick since this bearded style is totally in trend.Long BangsTextured Hair with Golden Blonde Streaks

The first thing that grabs our attention is the height of the strands on the crown. It is just amazing and has a beautiful texture that makes it even more adorable. Apart from a cool styling the hair also has wonderful golden blonde highlights that soften the overall look.  It is a modern hairstyle that can be adopted by all trendy men.Textured Hair with Golden Blonde StreaksBlonde Hair

Here is another gorgeous design that should be given a try. The amazing fade on the design and the fancy pompadour are everything. The highlights are meant to enhance the overall look. However the golden blonde streaks create an amazing contrast with dark base color.Blonde Hair



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