2017 Men’s Hairstyles for Chubby Faces

Your chubby face not always denotes that you look like a child. With the help of right grooming and styling, you can always carry off any personality. However the hair should be styled in a way that balances the chubbiness. A right chosen hairstyle will definitely help you to bring out only the best of your chubby face and conceal your imperfections. For some inspiration check out 2017 men’s hairstyles for chubby faces and get the one which grabs your attention.2017 Mens Hairstyles for Chubby Faces  Medium Length Hair

Medium-length hair, that can be brushed backwards look trendy and respectable. The volume created on the top will make your round face look better. This haircut is great for both curly and straight hair. However curly locks will provide you with more volume so don’t try to overdo it. Thus, you don’t have to do much styling because it is all about the haircut! Mens Medium Length Hair for chubby facesDisheveled Look

Whether you believe or not but disheveled looks is what men with chubby face need to look hot and handsome. A bit unkempt style is a great idea for those who don’t want to spend much time styling their hair but still wish to camouflage the chubbiness in the easiest way. Messed up hair is in style and will draw the attention away from the round face. So, isn’t it the best solution for you?disheveled lookVoluminous Beard

The best thing about a voluminous beard is that it does a fantastic job concealing a double chin as well as giving the head visually longer appearance that leaves impression of a thinner face. However, keep in your mind that both the shaved temples and volume on the top are also important.Voluminous Beard for chubby facesSlicked Back Hairstyle and Beard

A combination of a volume on the top of the head and a short beard are meant to make men’s chubby face much more elegant. To replicate this particular look, you will need to comb you hair back and create a slicked back style. Combining hairstyle tricks is fantastic to get better results. However, short hairstyles and long beads also make a wonderful combination.Slicked Back Hairstyle and BeardShort Haircut

Short haircuts also look great on chubby faces because they remove the unnecessary volume from the face. If you try to combine a short beard with a short cut it will visually change the shape of a fat man’s face. Another important thing is that it is a low-maintenance hairstyle that doesn’t require much care. Just try it and you will see the effect.short haircut



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