2017 Pompadour Hairstyles for Men

The pompadour is a classic men’s haircut that is brought to life again with a modern twists in many variations. Pompadours come in different shades and shapes. The look of the pompadour is based on the hair length – it can be big, really big and tall with a bald fade, a side part combover. In case if you have an intention to switch up your look, have a look at these modern pompadour haircuts for 2017 and get inspired from. Let’s hope you will find something to copy from these examples.2017 Pompadour Hairstyles for MenMedium-Length Pompadour with Skin Fade

There are pompadour hairstyles for different hair lengths. It is not necessary to have extra long mane to pull off this look. Indeed medium-length strands are enough to create a sophisticated and chic look like the one you see below. This skin faded pompadour hairstyle has been created according to the latest strands. It has an amazing blonde shade that takes the whole look to a top notch.Medium Length Pompadour with Skin FadeQuiff/ Pompadour with Hard Part and High Fade

Well, it is a bit complicated style that requires professional hands. If you want to replicate this look, you should ask for a haircut with high fade and a hard part. Note that there are some other patterns that enhance the overall look of this cut. When it comes to the styling, you will need to use your blow-dryer or apply some hair product to keep your strands in the place.Pompadour with Hard Part and High FadeModern Pompadour with Medium Beard

What about this pompadour style? It features long strands on the top, faded sides and a hard side part. Apart from the cut, styling is also important otherwise the cut will lose its uniqueness. To achieve this style you will need to comb your hair up and by applying hair products fix it in the place. This pompadour has been paired with a medium stubble beard to add a chic feel to the style.Modern Pompadour with Medium BeardTall Pompadour with Blended Sides

It is a retro inspired pompadour that doesn’t have any extreme elements but it still looks cool and trendy. The sides are blended while the top is styled up to create a tall pompadour. It works well on men with medium-length hair. Somehow this haircut reminds us of popular Elvis Presley. When it comes to your facial hair, you can keep it either clean-shaved or go for just grown out stubble beard.Tall Pompadour with Blended SidesSide Part Pompadour with Thick Beard

Pompadours can really be versatile and all these examples are the best proof. There are options for men of different preferences. This particular headdress features a side part pompadour and a disconnected beard that is also very thick. Well, this look requires lots of care but it is really worth your effort and time.Side Part Pompadour with Thick Beard



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