2017/2018 Men’s Braided Bun Hairstyles

When you have grown out tresses, you need to find an easy going and polished hairstyle to keep everything under control. It is not an easy task to grow out the locks but if you are lucky enough to have long tresses, try to find the best styling options to show off your beautiful mane. It is not a secret that the braids are widely popular among ladies, but who could imagine that these patterns will become men’s favorite styling elements too. It is possible to achieve various hairstyles using different types of braids. We have rounded up with some of our favorite men’s braided bun hairstyles for 2017/2018.  Read on to find more!Braided Bun for Short HairBraided Hairstyle from Bottom to Top

It is an unusual solution for bold men who are seeking for attention. From this look it becomes clear, that it is not necessary to have super long mane to rock a braided hairstyle. V-shaped braided style, makes the undercut more vivid. Indeed, it is a catchy bun style that can be tried by all brave-heart men out there.Braided Hairstyle from Bottom to TopBun with Different Size of Braids

When it comes to braids, there are limitless options to choose form. You can mix several types of braids for a more sophisticated style. The following style starts with a tight thin Dutch braid on the side followed by larger one and then with the same principal another thin one and large one. The braids have been pulled back into a bun design.Bun with Different Size of BraidsTwisted into Braids Man Bun

If you are ready to switch up your hair color, this marvelous option is for you. It requires keeping the one side in natural shade while rocking a pastel on the other side. The choice of the color is just up to you, but this blue-green shade is a perfect idea too. Note that the strands are twisted into each other to create a braided hair look.Twisted into Braids Man BunFull Head of Braids

If you are lack of inspiration, just have a look at this gorgeous bun design. It requires creating a full head of braids and then pulling them up in a simple bun. It is a brilliant idea for men with medium to long hair. Keep the braids thin for a more sophisticated and eye-catching style.Full Head of BraidsBraided Bun for Short Hair

When dapper meets braids, get ready to have a winning hairstyle. Here you can see a graded undercut along the sides and two neat French braids that are pulled back in a small bun design. Men with short hair can follow this example and rock the same style.Braided Bun for Short Hair



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