2018 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Men

It is not a secret that almost all men are looking for styles that require little maintenance. Well, that’s possible. There are various hairstyles that are easy to maintain. Note that being low-maintenance, doesn’t mean boring or plain. When it comes to easy to maintain hairstyles, classic tapper, crew, buzz and french crops are in. Go on reading to find the trendiest yet effortless hairstyles for your next appointment. Classic Taper Haircut 

Taper haircut is one of the simplest men’s short crops out there. A classic taper haircut features tapered sides that gradually get long on the top. The length on the crown part of the head can vary, even though we highly recommend keeping things short. You can’t go wrong with a classic taper fade. It flatters every face shape and texture. No wonder, it’s men celeb’s favorite style as well. classic taper fadeBuzz Haircut for Men 

Buzz is absolutely no-maintenance haircut that has become a fashion trend. Sometimes we associated it with military, but it is one of the coolest looks that every man can give a try. Depending on how long your hair grows this clipper haircut requires five minutes from barber to achieve. It is the most effective haircut for men that are not into styling.  buzz haircutFrench Crop 

It is an incredible haircut that is easy to maintain plus it it the most popular one among men around the world. The haircut looks great on almost every face shape and texture. It features tapered sides and defined fringe. You can give the fringe sharpness with the help of clipper. Maintain the style, by going for quick touch ups. Get it if you are seeking extra attention.Crew Haircut 

Crew is a bit longer than buzz and it is included into the list of the easiest haircuts. The crew haircut is all about  longer hair on the top that gradually get shorter on the back. In this  case also it will be better to keep things short for the lowest maintenance style. Luckily, everyone can pull off the look regardless of hair length and texture. Short Side Parting 

Almost all low maintenance haircuts are about short lengths, including this side part. The hairstyle works great for  a casual day as well as for a formal dinner. You can opt for hair products or keep things natural by combing the locks to the side. It is an effortless style and doesn’t require regular trips to your hairstylist. You should think of giving this style a try. 



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