5 Perfect Hairstyles for Men 2017

If you are here it means you want to discover the most stylish hairstyles for spring and summer seasons. Well, the latest hair trends take inspiration from Instagram. Skilful barbers create the loveliest hairstyles that serve as a source of inspiration for trendsetters and bloggers. Whether you prefer to keep your hair short and neat, or you are planning to grow out your locks, here are 5 perfect hairstyles for men 2017. If you haven’t chosen your haircut for summer yet, just check out these pictures and you will definitely find something for your next hair look.5 Perfect Hairstyles for Men 2017Undercut Hair

Well, undercut is the most masculine element that provides with a modern look. The best thing is that you can pair the undercut both with short and long hair. Undercut has become so trendy that even women love to try it out. Undercut is a great option for men of different ages, so everyone can pull it off. However it looks exceptionally gorgeous with slicked back styles.Undercut HairSilver Hair Color

If you are looking for something that is more stylish than platinum blonde, consider silver hair. It is not only a hot trend among ladies but also among man. Now you can channel your inner Man of Steel with a unique and a futuristic look like this. You can sport this chic and sophisticated hair color for summer months as well.Silver Hair ColorMen Bun

Men bun hairstyles have already gone viral. Long hair for men is again back in style and now it is not only for rockers but also for all trendsetters. Well, of course long hair offers a wide array of hairstyles but sometimes you just need something that is both stylish and effortless. In this case a man bun is the best option since it will also keep the locks out of the face.Men BunExaggerated Side Hairline

The trending undercut brings “clipper art” back. Go for a little bit extreme style with an exaggerated side hairline. If you are not fan of graphic lines above the neck or other patterns, you will definitely love a side hairline. With an exaggerated hairline and slick back style you can create a lovely hipster look and don’t forget about moustache as well.Exaggerated Side HairlineMen Braided Hairstyle

Braids are so versatile- boxer braids, cornrows, afro, Viking braids and etc. Perhaps several years ago you would see these braids only on women but nowadays men can also be spotted with these braids. Men braided hairstyles are grabbing more and more attention with long hair and a good sense of style. They looks pretty attractive when paired with a long undercut or Mohawk.Men Braided Hairstyle



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