5 Popular Hairstyles for Men 2017

Today I came up with 5 popular hairstyles for Men 2017 that kept coming back to the runway shows. Whether you like ultra long, medium-length, slicked-back or entirely shaved hair, here you will find your favorite style. Some of these headdresses are pretty effortless, so they don’t require lots of care and effort. Since they are going to be a hit of the coming season too, feel free to rock one of them to grab attention and stand out with your trendy haircut.5 Popular Hairstyles for Men 2017Quiffed Back Hair

This hairstyle is meant to show off men’s gentlemen side and it has been spotted on many runway shows. With no hair out of place, you will never go wrong. After getting it you can be sure of having lots of attention. However to get this design you will have to use a generous amount of hair products. Thus, it is easy to achieve, you just need to combine it with a right outfit!quiffed back hairstyle for men 2017Mid-Length Hair

In 1970s-style men’s mid-length hair was unquestionably among the trendiest ones, but during Menswear Week, we have spotted it again. Undoubtedly this trend has already made its great comeback. If you don’t believe check out the fashion shows of Gucci, Cavalli, Lanvin etc. It is the best moment for you to grow out your strands and rock a mid-length hair like this model.cool medium length hairShaved Head

Want to channel you inner bad boy? Then consider getting a military cut since it never goes out of trend. Shaved head men were everywhere at fashion weeks. The best thing about this haircut is that it is a low maintenance and doesn’t require much care. It is a great choice particularly for lazy men who don’t like to spend their time on styling.shaved head for 2017Middle Parting

Whether on short or long hair, the stylists perfectly get those partings slap bang in the middle. This hairstyle has been one of the most requested ones among models, so now it is your turn to wear it. However, it is an effortless headdress that involves creating a simple center part and leaving the rest of strands either curly or straight.center part haircut for menBowl Cut

It was somehow unexpected to see the return of bowl cuts and this hair trend has featured on many runway shows. Some bowl cuts may seem a bit whimsical but they will undoubtedly grab attention. Since bowls are totally in trend you can take it for your next makeover. However this cut can be seen at Valentino, Gucci and Givenchy.bowl cut for men



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