7 Short Haircut Ideas for Men 2016

Short haircuts are always in thing and they are the most masculine hairstyles all over the world. Though there are various short cuts for men but we have collected the best 7 man’s short haircuts for 2016.short haircuts for men 2016Short Buzz Cut for Men

Men who are looking for a trendy army haircut or for a too short low maintenance hairstyle can pick the short buzz cut. It is a cozy and very masculine haircut for any man. It gives you a cleaner and tidier look and doesn’t require much time to be styled properly. It is a simple yet very stylish cut to wear in 2016.short buzz cut 2016Short Spiky Haircut

Spiky hairstyles or the cuts which give you the opportunity to get the desired spiky effect are generally achieved on thick and straight hair. They are edgy hairstyles and draw attention. Spiky haircuts are short on the sides and are a bit long on the top part. This top part hair is styled into trendy spiky hairstyles by hair gel and with the help of your fingers.  short spiky haircut men 2016Short Taper Fade Haircut

Taper fade cuts are unique hairstyles for men. They are too short on the sides and sometimes you can also see shaved sides which. This haircut gradually becomes longer as it goes up. There are fade haircuts combined with facial hair or beards which create original designs. If you like you can opt for fascinating hair tattoos on the short sides.short taper fade haircut 2016Short Slicked Back Hairstyle

In order to get the trendy wet-look hairstyle you need to have short hair with a bit long top part. If you already have this kind of haircut you may apply hair gel on it and then back comb smoothly. The final result is a high-shine slicked back hairstyle which is quite festive and worthy to be chosen as a party hairdo. You can pick it for special occasions as well as for official meetings.short slicked back hair men 2016Short Side Combed Hairstyle

Another sleek and neat hairstyle for elegant men is the following side combed short haircut. It is classy and clean and you may like to sport it for your wedding party. This haircut is cool especially for thick hair which is short on the sides and bit voluminous on the top part.short sleek side combed hair 2016Short Curly Haircut

Are you tired of your long curls? Refresh them with short cuts. Since curly hair tends to give you a softer look you can break down this softness by short cuts and therefore get a more masculine look. On the other hand short haircuts keep all your Hair out of your face and show off your handsome face features.short curly haircut for men 2016Short Curly Haircut with Shaved Sides

Well, perhaps you want to get rid of your curly side hair? Shave them and keep the top part in its cool curly style. This unique hairstyle is a very attractive one and can give curly-haired men many styling ideas. You may choose this for 2016 and you’ll surely differ from the rest.short curly haircut with shaved sides 2016



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