Asian Men’s Hairstyles for 2017

If you are here, it means you are in search of a new hairstyle. Today’s post is about Asian men’s haircuts. Well, as we have managed to notice Asian men’s hairstyles are super trendy and many Hollywood stars have already experimented with most of them. Asian men hairstyles feature spikes, mid-length fades, side swept and angular fringe hairstyles. However Asian men have plenty of choices and they can be the best source of inspiration for men of different nations. Take a look at these pictures of Asian men’s hairstyles for 2017 and find your own style.Asian Mens Hairstyles for 2017Long Top with Shaved Sides

Well, shaved sides and back with longer top provide with a super youthful appearance. This is one of the trendiest hairstyles for Asian men, particularly for those who are felling fun and funky. You can wear this hairstyles everywhere – gym, school, university, first date end etc. It is an excellent modern hairdo without childish accents.Long Top with Shaved SidesSpiky Hairstyle for Men

Asian men’s hairstyles don’t have to be severe. You can give your strands some height and personality with the help of hair tools and products. This cut is super popular among younger boys but older guys also can pull it off. When it comes to facial hair, you can keep it either clean- shaved or go for just grown out stubble beard.Spiky Hairstyle for MenChinese Fade Hair

This particular fade hairstyle is popular among men of different ages. It is a Chinese inspired hairstyle that can be worn by men of different ethnicity too. This style is a great option for men with thin to medium hair because thick hair works against faux hawk style. Apply some qualified hair products to make sure that your spikes last all day.Chinese Fade HairLong Loose Hair

Well, it is another style for Asian men and not only. If you are fond of wearing long and loose styles then consider this option. However it may take some time to grow your hair out to this length but there is nothing impossible. The wet effect of the strands has been achieved with the help of hair gels. Just grow out your strands and you will not have to do anything else.Long Loose Hair for Men 2017Men’s Hair with Cropped Quiff

Well, Asian men tend to have thick hair, so it allows them to go for various hairstyles. This simple yet trendy hairdo requires wearing a cropped fringe that works well with thick hair. The best thing about this hairdo is that it is low-maintenance and doesn’t require much care. This hairdo will give you an attractive grown up vibe. You will really enjoy wearing it!Mens Hair with Cropped Quiff



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