Best Beard Styles at 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards

How much money celebrities spend on their hairstyles, haircuts and even beard styles is another interesting topic but the results we see during various parties, awards and TV shows prove that these are the latest trends which we should consider for the coming seasons. Recently we have seen many male celebrities with cool mustaches and beards 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards but here you are going to see the most memorable and fashionable beard styles for 2016. Keep your eyes on some of them and opt for the style which compliments your face shape and facial features.2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards men beard stylesChristian Bale Beard Style

In spite of having dark hair and contrasting ginger shade for beard Christian Bale still looks very attractive and handsome in this beard style. It was one of the most beautiful beard styles during 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards and besides being so eye-catching it ideally goes with his medium thick haircut. The hairstyle, in its turn, is elegant and quite tidy. He has used special hair gel and cream to achieve a neat-looking style which keeps all hair out of the face.Christian Bale 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards beardPedro Pascal Mustache Style

Unlike many others Pedro prefers clearer and tidier facial hair styles. His 70’s inspired tidy mustache keeps him in the center of attention and changes his look a little bit making more masculine. As for the hairstyle it is a mid-length thick haircut in a classy and neat effect. The hairstylist has used hair grooming cream and hair drier to provide him with such a festive appearance. Both the hairstyle and the mustache compliment his classic suit and entire posh look.Pedro Pascal 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards beardKit Harington Beard Style

The next well-favored men in our list is Kit Harington with his intriguing beard and hair style. They are combined into a harmonious effect which makes him look very flashy and ritzy. It’s a kind of cool mustache and neckbeard combination accompanied by a long wavy hairstyle. In spite of being in a gorgeous wavy style his hair is still neat-looking and tends to bring out his facial features due to the slicked back style. His hairstylist has used heavy hair styling products such as waxes and creams to achieve a wet-looking effect. Applying products on hair you can not only get a wavy style but also brush all back and keep control over fly away locks. The final result is quite classy to match with suits.Kit Harington 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards beardLeonardo DiCaprio Beard Style

Though DiCaprio’s beard style is hardly noticeable but it’s one of the trendiest beard styles among men in 2016. This is a shadow beard with a clean and super tidy touch in it. Compared with the previous styles it a low-maintenance beard and goes with many face shapes. Leonardo DiCaprio has combined it with a short sleek hairstyle which is one of the best choices for this opulent and lofty look. if you like you can achieve the same hairstyle by hair grooming creams and with a simple comb on your short haircut.Leonardo DiCaprio beard style 2016



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