Best Hair Highlights for Men in 2018

Gone are the days when only women used to experiment with their hair colors or outfits. Regardless of gender- everyone loves to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Contemporary men are willing to go for crazy experimentation to get something new. Well, a new hairstyle is a great way to stand out in the crowd and also emphasize your nature. Today, I have put together some interesting hair highlights for men in 2018. If you are ready to draw attention and capture ladies’ hearts, then these ideas are definitely for you.  The Brown Highlights 

Brown hair highlights are the most popular among all those shades. They work for everyone, regardless of hair color, texture, length or skin tone. The best thing about brown hair highlights is that they are easy to apply and don’t require special care. Men always look for styles that are easy to keep. If you want to add extra crispiness to your haircut, brown hair highlights can be the best choice. Reddish Brown Hair Highlights 

With reddish brown hair highlights no man can go wrong. Red undertones paired with brown hair create an eye-catching hair look that is irresistible. This color is commonly adopted by women but now it is popular among men too. The contrast between red and brown tones is the key to this color combo. As you can see colors work exceptionally good on medium hair. Chunky Hair Highlights 

Who said chunky hair highlights are not in trend? Well-done chunky hair highlights can provide with the trendiest look ever. Here is an idea on how you can play up with chunky hair highlights. It is the most common style among young EMO guys. However, you don’t need to be a part of EMO culture to wear a cool hairstyle like this. Bold Red Hair Highlights and Spiky Hairstyle 

Red is a statement hair color so red hair highlight too. These highlights are paired with spikes to produce even a bolder look. Both the highlights and hairstyle have been perfectly paired. To replicate the style, show this picture to your barber and ask for the same headdress. Note that this look is all about contrast. Grey Whitish Hair Highlights 

Perhaps you already know that grey and whitish tones are the hottest shades of the season so why not to adopt them and personalize to your own taste. Indeed, the look requires bleaching your hair, but the final result is worth it. The color is easier to achieve on shorter hair. It is the right moment to spin heads by wearing a hair color like this. 



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