Best Haircuts for Men with Square Faces 2016

Lately we have spoken about haircuts for round faces. This time we will refer to men’s haircuts for square faces for 2016. If you have decided to change your haircut in 2016 then keep on reading to discover the best haircuts for your face shape. We will help you find out the most suitable haircut and will also give a piece of advice on how to style it properly. So, let’s start!haircuts for men square face 2016Square face shapes are considered as the most masculine face structures for men. It is very handsome with a variety of hairstyles. This type of face structure is angular and kind of sharp so, you need to opt for haircuts which can soften these angles.Undercut for Square Face Shapeundercut for square face 2016The first trendy haircut for square face shape is the undercut. This haircut highlights the face shape with tight sides and gifts you another stylish look. In order to get a well-balanced effect you need to opt for short undercut hairstyles. Longer or mid-length undercuts don’t work well with your face shape. You can style you short undercut into side combed hairstyles. They are very classy.

Pompadour for Square Face Shapepompadour for square face 2016Modern pompadour hairstyles ideally go with square face shapes. Like the previous haircut here again you need to go for short styles. Like slicked back undercut hairstyles short pompadours draw attention to face shapes than on the haircut. This is quite important as you need to showcase the handsome parts of your face shape and not to hide them with new haircuts.

Buzz Cut for Square Face Shapebuzz cut for square face 2016As for a too short haircut buzz cut is all you need. Being so short buzz cuts also enhance the beauty of your face shape. Besides being stylish they are also low-maintenance and comfy haircuts for busy guys. You won’t spend much time on styling and can rock it the way it cut for men 2016Long Side Parted Undercut for Square Face ShapeLong Side Parted Undercut for Square Face Shape 2016If you want to experiment with a bit long haircut then try the long side parted undercut. It is one of the original haircuts for square face shapes. It has a kind of asymmetrical structure which you can style into sleek, wet-looking or very neat side swept hairstyles. As a bold hairstyle long side swept undercut is for adventurous men.

Top Knot Hairstyle for Square Face Shapetop knot for men 2016Men with long hair are welcome to wear trendy top knot hairstyles. This is a samurai-inspired hairdo closer to bun hairstyles and tends to keep all your hair out of the face. It is an eye-catching hairstyle for men that bring out facial features. However you can go for half top knots to keep the rest of your locks in down and loose knot for men with square face 2016



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