Best Man Bun Fade Hairstyles for 2018

We have seen men buns in 2017 and this year also this trend is actual. Indeed, to get a bun you need to have some hair length. The style features a bun positioned at the crown of the head and tied with simple elastic. Buns like this are easy to get, but you can always enhance it by adding some attributes to your style. What about faded sides? It is a great way to add a mannish touch to the bun while making it appear more complicated. Here are some Men Bun Fade hairstyles, if you are looking for some changes. Then just watch these styles.Clean Fade Short Bun

You know how versatile men’s bun fade hairstyles can be. Here is one of those extreme styles that you may want to give a try. In this hairstyle the sides and back of head are skin faded while the top hair is kept to medium length so that the small ponytail can be created. It’s is an easy and manageable style that will help you take your strands out of your face.Men Bun for Curly Hair

This graceful style is not only for straight-haired men, it’s a fabulous idea for those with curly hair. For the style, all you need to do is to grow your locks on the top of your head. Then you need to tie your hair in a simple bun. Apart from it, there is a lovely design on the side of the head that immediately takes the style a notch higher.Top Knot Hairstyle with Beard

You can’t go wrong with a style like this. It’s a fabulous style for all those men that want to grab attention. If you have always wanted to pull off a bun but was afraid to have a feminine look, you need to see this version of bun. The regular bun has never looked so masculine and that’s because of a beard style. Be that thick or thin beard, your bun is going to look twice better. Note that the beard requires regular maintenance. Messy Bun Hairstyle 

What about this bun? It is a breathtaking style for those with a bit longer hair. The strands are coiled and tied in a simple bun. Perfectly curved lines make the bun even more impressive. Whether you decide to wear this style with or without beard, it is going to make you stand out in the crowd. Show the picture to your barber to get the exact copy of the style. 



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