Best Shaved Head Looks for 2017

A shaved head is an excellent haircut for any man. It is a fantastic style for guys who are looking for low-maintenance looks. No hair, no care! It is not necessary to have plenty of hair to look good. Here I have selected shaved head looks for 2017 that will make men head to the barber. However if you are shaving your head, consider keeping the focus on your facial hair.Best Shaved Head Looks for 2017Bald Head and Goatee

Shaving your square head allows you to show off your symmetrical angle. Well, it is a brave decision but if you have already done that, consider pairing it with a small goatee like this model. It will definitely draw attention away from the fact that you have shaved your head.  At least you have a chance to demonstrate your beautiful facial features.shaved head with goateeNeat Buzz Haircut

This style is flattering for a man with a round face shape who likes to keep the things simple. By the way it involves buzzing the hair to make it very short. It is not a completely shaved style but the cut is too close to the scalp. It is not even necessary to worry about facial hair since clean shaved face perfectly works with this style. I’m sure with a headdress like this you will definitely grab girl’s attention.neat buzz haircutClassy Bald Cut

This is another unique way to rock a bald head. Well, if you are not ready to go for all over- shaved style, start with a cut that is close to the skull. Leave some strands on the crown and then cut the sides and back to achieve a classy bald fade design. You can pair this bald fade with just grown out facial hair or goatee. At least it is a low-maintenance look so you don’t have to spend your time styling your hair.Classy Bald CutNatural Balding Look

It is a great look for you if you are experiencing a receding hairline. Give your strands a clean shave and no one will ever guess that you have troubles with a receding hairline. This style is exceptionally gorgeous for men with an oblong face shape just like this model. You can enhance the style by trimming your facial strands close to form the short stubble.Natural Balding LookShaved Head with Extra Long Beard

Facial strands are incredible and they are a definition of masculinity. If you put a lot of effort to grow your facial hair out then it will be a great idea to shave your head and keep focus on your beard style. Anyway even long facial hair requires special care. So make sure to go for regular trimmings.Shaved Head with Extra Long Beard



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