Best Textured Hairstyles for Men 2017

Texture cuts add some definition and volume that can be enhanced with styling. The haircut is the most important thing that will either destroy or enhance your overall appearance. In case if you have short hair, try a messy crop while the spikes work for any length. The textured locks add some modern twist to classic hairstyles too. If you have natural curls texture don’t even try to hide it since the latest trends are all about showing off natural texture. Textured cuts are also a great way to remove bulk from thick hair. Here are the best textured hairstyles for men 2017.Best Textured Hairstyles for Men 2017Textured Pompadour

Here is a textured pompadour that looks stylish and trendy. The strands are given a lovely trim with shorter hair on the sides and longer hair on the top. The locks are combed back to create a pompadour-like design. The sideburns are connected with beard that is well groomed. To achieve this style you can use some hair products.Textured PompadourMulti-Color Spikes

I have already mentioned that spikes look good on any hair length. This model has a medium-length strands that are spiked up to create a lovely hairdo. Apart from styling, it is impossible not to notice the colors of the spikes. It uses green, blue and natural black hues. You can create a razor side part to enhance the appearance of your haircut.Multi Color SpikesTextured Top with Fade

The options are really versatile and here is another great idea that entails creating a textured top with faded sides. There is also a razor deep side that gives some detail to the look. You can style the top in spikes or go for a sleek style. In this particular design the locks have been styled in messy pattern for a carefree look.Textured Top with FadePompadour Fade with Texture

Here is another pompadour that looks no less modern and interesting than the previous one. This particular design comes from faded sides and textured top. To achieve a pompadour like this you will need to use some hair products and a blow dryer. With a right haircut everything seems easier. If you are looking for a modern hairstyle, it’s the way to go with.Pompadour Fade with TextureMedium Length Crop with Wavy Hair

If you have natural wavy texture here is the best way to show it off. The strands have medium length and they are styled in a carefree pattern. Those who are blessed with natural texture don’t have to do anything else rather than growing their strands to medium length. It doesn’t require any special styling.Medium Length Crop with Wavy Hair



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