Black Men’s Curly Hairstyles for 2017

You should proudly accentuate everything that is gifted to your by nature. Curls waves will never look whimsical when you learn the right way to show them off. Today you will see some curly hairstyles for black men for 2017 and some interesting options for styling the curly and kinky strands. Let your hair grow out a bit longer and then ask your stylist to shape it. The longer your mane is getting the more carefree and hilarious styles you may achieve. However consider wearing braids, faux hawks, spikes high top fades and etc.Black Men’s Curly Hairstyles for 2017Curly Hair for Black Men

This is a typical hairstyle for black men since their kinky nature allows them to sport a hairdo like this. To add some vibrancy to the style, go for highlights. Dark brown and auburn shades give some movement and body to the strands. It is an interesting style that you should definitely give a try. Your lion mane will speak about your strong character features.Curly Hair for Black MenRed High Top Fade

This modern hairstyle is pretty popular among black men and it entails trimming the sides and keeping the top curly. However the reddish brown color also grabs attention and gives a character to the style. It is not an easy to achieve this style so make sure that your barber is skillful enough to provide a cool style like this. Regular touchups will keep your design in shape.Red High Top FadeKinky Spikes

Well, these are not regular thick curls on top as it may seem. The kinky strands have been twisted and spiked up to create a straightforward look. The sides and the forehead are lined up to make the style neat and clean. However the disconnection between the beard and hair is pretty visible but it also introduces some interest into the style.Kinky SpikesHigh Fade with Top Curls

If you want to make a statement then this hairdo is definitely for you. It requires more than one color to add some detail to the style. The blonde tips create some contrast with the rest of hair. This style wouldn’t be so flawless without curls on the top. If you have a texture like this, then consider adopting it.   High Fade with Top CurlsBlack Curly Twists

Well, most of black men prefer to keep their strands short to have a neat and clean look but modern headdresses provide a neat style without going too short. This particular design looks pretty chic and cool. It is fantastic that with a less styling you can gain a unique headdress like this one.Black Curly Twists



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