Brave Men Rock Rainbow Hair Trend

There are several reasons to love rainbow hair trend. First, it will definitely help you make a fashion statement, second, any natural shade can be transformed into rainbow hair and it can be rocked by anyone. Well, this trend has already gain popularity among females but it seems a bit unexpected option for guys. However nowadays instagram is full of men who rock rainbow hair. Guys look incredible with vibrant and bright shades. If you are ready to break all stereotypes and pull off the craziest shades then check out these brave men’s who rock rainbow hair.Brave Men Rock Rainbow Hair TrendGreen Hair

Green is the craziest shade that any man may pull off. If you want to make a bold statement, then consider wearing a green hair. To achieve a shade like this you will need to bleach your strands and then apply the color. Your look will seem even better when you color your beard too. At least the colors will not make a contrast.Green HairPurple Hair with Rainbow Beard

Here is another extreme look and it involves coloring the strands purple and going for rainbow beard. This instagram user has already impressed us and proved that he is brave enough to wear a look like this. When it comes to styling, whatever you choose to wear, you will definitely stand out in the crowd.Purple Hair with Rainbow BeardNeon Blue Hair

If you are thinking of a rainbow hair trend and you have deep blue eyes then it is your chance to match your hair color with your eyes. This vibrant shade will definitely help you steal the spotlight. It is a high maintenance look that requires lots of care. With a color like this, you don’t have to think about complicated hairstyles even a simple crew cut will bring out the beauty of the shade.Neon Blue HairAqua Beard

If you are not ready to change your hair color then consider to tint only your beard. It will be pretty interesting to match pastel-shaded beard with a natural hair color. Your natural hair will create a gorgeous contrast with your facial hair. Anyway to rock this style you will need to grow your facial hair at least to medium-length.Aqua BeardPastel Perfection

Here is another way to rock pastel shades. Instead of changing your hair color, change your beard color and eyebrow color like this model. This look will gain many compliments, so if you are looking for something that will grab too much attention then this style is definitely for you. Take an example from this model and rock pastel colors differently.  pastel beard



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