Combining beards with trendy hairstyles for 2017 is so popular. Though it’s not that easy to create the most matching hairstyle for your beard or mustache but these articles will help you find the latest hairstyles with beards both in short and long lengths. Try to copy the styles that work with your face shape and facial features as well as highlight your masculinity.

Perfect Shadow Beard Styles for Men 2016

Have you ever heard of the stunning shadow beard or the so called designer stubble? This is a popular beard style for men and it is the favorite style for many Hollywood stars. Many beard styles are back but the lovely shadow beard was always in style and continues to be super masculine beard look for the majority of stylish men. Here you will see some perfect shadow beard styles for 2016.shadow beard styles 2016Being a favorite beard style in Hollywood shadow beard is not that easy to maintain and style. It requires special care and is sometimes considered as an edgy style. It is short crop and need every-dare care. It tends to highlight your cheekbones and gives you a more handsome look.

Men’s Long Hairstyles with Beards for 2016

Men who have long hair obviously stand out from the crowd. They seem to belong to a particular culture but actually the tendency of wearing such hairstyles increases day by day. Today we’ll speak about the latest male long hairstyles with beards for 2016. This style represents your unique way of thinking, your independence and free spirit.mens long hairstyles with beards 2016 Many wear long hair because they find their inspiration in long-haired artists, actors and famous people. You may know many celebrities who rock long haircuts. They are usually connected with facial hair.

Long Hipster Hairstyles for Men 2016

Recently the retro, classic and older haircuts are becoming very popular both among men and women. Everyone tries to look different and original by the most fascinating hairstyles of these times. Hipster is a unique and bold style for men that changes all your style into a unique and very eye-catching one. Perhaps this is one of the most masculine styles that inspires men. Today we’ll speak about the best men’s long hipster hairstyles for 2016.long hipster hairstyles for men 2016This is the style of the 1920’s-1950 and has many interesting hairstyles to offer for 2016. They are taken from the ancient culture and have that mysterious touch in them. You can see long haircuts and hairstyles as well as short haircuts in various styles.

2016 Coolest Male Hairstyles with Beards

It goes without saying that beards make men more masculine and eye-catching. Each chooses the shape and the type of beard that goes with his face shape. But it’s quite essential to match breads with haircuts to have the perfect and well-balanced look. If you care about your beard and make it as neat as possible then you should also think of your haircut. What you choose to combine with it is always upon you and today I will show you the coolest male hairstyles with beards for 2016. Here they are!hairstyles with beards 2016Short Haircut with Beard

Though the majority of beard styles are combined with medium and longer haircuts but they look very neat with short haircuts. In this case you may opt for a short spiky hairstyle to create a flashy look. Tidy and impressive beard can be perfect with short spiky haircuts and can even be used as a classy style.

2016 Trendy Medium Haircuts for Men

The majority of men like short haircuts but there are trendy medium male haircuts for 2016 that suit special types of hair and face shapes. Actually medium hairstyles are more versatile for men than short cuts and they give more hair styling opportunities. These hairstyles and haircuts tend to change your look entirely and gift you another stylish appearance. Whether you want a classy style or a carefree shag hairstyle you can get different medium hairdos.  Here are collected the latest medium hairstyles for men between which you can choose the option that works with your hair type.medium haircuts for men 2016Layered Medium Haircut for Men

Among so many medium cuts layered haircuts are the trendiest ones. They are achieved both on straight and curly hair and tend to add a touch of elegancy. Medium layered cuts give you countless ideas on how to style your locks. Layers are perfect especially for men who have fine straight hair and need to make it a bit voluminous.