Celebrity Hairstyles

Take examples from stylish celebrities who do their best to be in perfect forms. Here you will see many male celebrity hairstyle ideas for 2017. They are the most fashionable Hollywood stars with the most stylish haircuts and hairstyles. Find your inspiration right here!

Conor Mcgregor Inspired Haircuts

Sometimes men choose their favorite celebrities as a source of inspiration. Well, that’s  not bad as long as the crop suits your face shape and natural texture. Conor Mcgregor is one of those celebrities that are always in the center of attention. His badass haircuts and beard styles always get a new design and that’s more than inspiring for those that are keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Whether you like his short slicked-back hairstyle or in love with undercuts, here we put together the best Conor Mcgregor inspired haircuts just check the pictures. Messy Quiff and Beard 

Quiffs work both on curly and straight texture. Everyone can experiment with the style regardless of whether the wearer has long or short hair. Conor Mcgregor wears his quiff with buzzed sides. The messy and tousled style of the quiff is the key to this trendy look. Actually, the headdress is easy to get, if of course you have a haircut like this. 

Men Celebrity Hairstyles to Adopt in 2018

You have heard about the statement “New Year New Hair Look”  but you are not ready for a big commitment for self -improvement? No worries there are solutions even for these problems. A new haircut is the easiest way to change your life with minimum effort, but it is not necessary to go for an extra bold style. With these thoughts in our mind we have asked the men celebrities’ stylist for the best haircuts of the moment. Go ahead to see the popular hairstyles that you can adopt in 2018men hairstyle trendsCillian Murphy Undercut Haircut 

Cillian Murphy’s hairstyle has grabbed popular barber’s attention around the world. No secret, it is one of his most signature haircuts ever. It is a look for men that came here for a bold crop. The disconnection is the most striking part of the look. We highly recommend you to show this picture to your barber, in order to make sure how sever you want to go with the disconnection. 

Ryan Gosling Hairstyle Inspiration

One of the sexiest Hollywood actors Ryan Gosling, is the greatest source of inspiration for men that love to look stylish. Here you will find Ryan Gosling’s eye-catching hairstyles for fashion-forward men. I should admit that simple trims complement her incredible complexion while giving him extra touch of masculinity. Regardless of whether you are his fan or not, check out these Hollywood glam hair looks and consider one of the ideas for yourself. Note that these amazing crops are absolutely no-maintenance. Now, let’s start.Ryan Gosling hair stylesChoppy Short Haircut

This choppy haircut means that you will achieve a chic hair look without going for a complicated styling. The cut tends to lighten the thick strands but it also works great for thin hair too. Want to achieve this style? Well, ask your hairstylist to add lots of layers to your crop. That will provide enough volume and texture to your strands. Keep in your mind that this style is all about strategically placed layers.

Usher Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Usher is a popular singer whose haircuts have always been a great source of inspiration for black men. Usher can always been spotted with a buzz haircut or with a fade Mohawk. He prefers to keep the things neat and clean by rocking short haircuts. If you are looking for the best Usher haircuts or you simply need great pictures of this popular singer, you will definitely love to check out these pictures of Usher hairstyles for 2017. These headdresses can be easily pulled off in 2017 too since they seem so trendy.Usher Hairstyle Ideas for 2017Usher Twisted Hairstyle

Most of black men are blessed with thick and kinky hair type so Usher is not an exception as well. In this particular style his hair has the same length all over the head. Small curls remind us of little twists that are pretty straightforward. If you have natural curly texture, then you can easily replicate this headdress, just make sure to pair it with a short stubble beard.

Lionel Messi Hairstyle Ideas

Everyone knows Lionel Messi, even those who don’t like to watch football matches. Lionel Messi is also known as Leo who plays for FC Barcelona. He has incredible athletic skills and it is not even discussable but what about his hairstyles? Have you ever tried to copy his looks? Well in case if you are kind of lack of inspiration you need to check out these hairstyles ideas by Lionel Messi.   Lionel Messi Hairstyle IdeasShort Hair

This style suits him a lot and it requires short tapered sides to keep the hair look neat and classy. It is a cool hairstyle for busy person like Leo Messi. However the short sides and the back have been paired with longer hair on the top of the head. The hair has a bit volume and has been combed to the sides. It is a look that is worth to copy!

Men Celebrities’ Faux Hawks for 2017

The faux hawk is a popular choice for many men including celebrities. Faux hawks are not as bold as Mohawks and they can be achieved without having to shave any part of the hair. These hairstyles are worn both casually and formally and the best thing about them is that they are very easy to style. Today I have decided to put together some celebrities who have rocked a faux hawk hairstyle, since they can be the best inspiration for you. 2017 men’s faux hawks are going to have a very classy look.Men Celebrities Faux Hawks for 2017Taylor Lautner Faux Hawk

It is possible to see Taylor rocking this hairstyle pretty often. Everyone will admit that he looks super adorable with this hairstyle. Well, his has pretty thick hair that allows him to style it the way he wants. The sides are relatively shorter while the top is longer. So, to replicate this look, you will need to apply some hair products and work with your fingers to create a distinct look.

Asap Rocky Braided Hairstyles for 2017

In the Music world appearance is very important, since it may show off your music style and some character features. This is why many artists have a whimsical yet wonderful sense of fashion particularly when it comes to hairstyles. This article is dedicated one of the most popular singers of Show Business. So, go on reading and you will see Asap Rocky’s braided hairstyles for 2017. These incredible braids will help you to enhance the style and look even better.  Asap Rocky Braided Hairstyles for 2017        Hanging braids

Hanging braids is one of signature hairstyles of Asap Rocky. As you see he perfectly sports this style. Apart from all, this hairstyle is pretty easy to pull. It just requires some hair length and braiding skills. It is popular especially among Afro-American men but you can also rock it.

Best Hairstyles by Attractive Cristiano Ronaldo

Except being a skilful footballer Cristano Ronaldo is a fashion follower. He has sported hundred hairstyles and all of them are different. He knows how to rock the trendiest haircuts. By the way it is not a secret that Cristiano is a source of inspiration for many fans around the world.Best Hairstyles by Attractive Cristiano RonaldoThus if you are searching for a new hairstyle idea, just check out the following hairstyles by attractive Cristiano Ronaldo and adopt one of them but before that make sure that you are doing a right choice!

Best Hairstyle Ideas by Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is a well-known footballer who plays for Real Madrid football club. Many of us are fascinated by his professional play but today we are going to put aside his playing abilities and discuss his hairstyles. Sergio Ramos is one of those football players who like to change his hairstyles pretty often.Best Hairstyle Ideas by Sergio Ramos We could see him with long, medium length, short haircuts which have been professionally done. So, today I have selected some promising hairstyle ideas by Sergio Ramos which are pretty inspiring.

Most Popular Celebrities with Short Hair

Why do boys like short haircuts? It is more than clear, because of its low-maintenance. Short length hair makes men more masculine and mannish. I assure you that short haircuts will never been called outdated. They can be styled for different occasion. Details, such as hair color and highlights can also used to add interest to the hair.Most Popular Celebrities with Short Hair There are really many ways to enhance short hairstyles. So if you need something new and trendy, then you should have a look at these popular celebrities with short hair and get inspired.