Hair Colors

If you think of changing your hair color in 2017 or just need to hide your grays then these hair color ideas are special for you. We offer shades for all skin tones and complexions and try to discover the recent edgy hues for your radical transformations too. If you want to make your hair look shiner and healthier then dye your locks in one of the trendy hair colors represented in these posts.

2016 Men’s Hairstyles with Thick Hair

If you find thick strands a challenge to deal then you should check out the following images. A skillful barber will transform your unkempt and uncontrollable strands into a trendy and fashionable hairstyle. Even if some people hate their thick hair, they should know that with plenty of hair, they undoubtedly have many styling options.2016 Mens Hairstyles with Thick HairVoluminous and textured pompadours, fringes, undercut haircuts will compliment you thick hair. So, go on reading our article about 2016 men’s hairstyles with thick hair and explore the trendiest hairstyles and haircuts which you should rock this year.

Men’s Alternative Hairstyles and Hair Colors

Are you looking for something else? Then the following alternative hairstyles and hair colors are for you. Alternative hairstyles come in different shapes and sizes, included bold Mohawks, EMO looks, unusual crops, big spikes. Hair shades are also different depends on how much attention the wearer wants to grab.Mens Alternative Hairstyles and Hair ColorsAlternative hairstyle is helpful for men who don’t know what else to try, who are tired of his monotone hairstyles and hair colors. Keep in your mind your favorite haircut then by changing the shade get an alternative hairstyle. It’s so easy, just get a little bravery and go ahead. We are here to guide you.   

Ginger Hairstyle Ideas by Johnny Harrington

According to a famous top model Johnny Harrington growing up with red hair is a little tough but yet cool thing. He likes to be a bit different and he thinks that everyone should be somehow unique. Is it true that redhead models are nowadays in high demand? It seems yes. Since red is unique shade among men, it is in mainstream.Ginger Hairstyle Ideas by Johnny Harrington Redhead men obviously stand out of the crowd and grab attention. Those who don’t have natural red strands, think about getting it. The most natural hue of red is ginger. It requires cool skin complexion. By the way if you are not redhead but you have intentions to get it, then go on reading to see one of the most popular models Johnny Herrington’s ginger hairstyle ideas.    

Best Hairstyles for Rock Stars

Today let’s cover all the best hairstyles of rock stars. It is not a secret that rock star’s hairstyles are not new. They gain popularity since Elvis Presley. Not necessary to be a rock star in order to wear crazy ‘dos. You can always wake your inner rock star up.Best Hairstyles for Rock Stars If you think that only long haircuts refer to rock ‘roll lovers, then you are mistaken because your short hair also will provide you with the best result. Well, I bet now you are curious to explore those haircuts. Just go on reading and watch the pictures of true rock ‘roll lovers.

Breathtaking Mohawk Hairstyle for Men

Be that undercut Mohawk quiff, low or high colored Mohawk, you will definitely stand out of the crowd if you wear it. Mohawk has long history and day by day it is evolving and getting new vibrant shades. This style is popular not only among men but also among women. We can make many posts about Mohawk hairstyles because of its versatility.Breathtaking Mohawk Hairstyle for MenToday you are going to see extreme Mohawks which are being worn by brave heart bold people. If you are one of them then harry up to check out the following Mohawk hairstyles. 

10 Hairstyles for Afro-American Men 2016

There are various ways to style black men’s hair. It seems black men has stuck in short and medium length cuts because of having natural kinky and fuzzy hair. They don’t need more volume because their natural locks provide them with texture, volume and height. Black men have a rich choice of haircuts.Hairstyles for Afro-American Men 2016 Their hairstyles can be inspiring for men who don’t know what to wear. Modern twists make their look better and cooler. Since Afro-American men have creative ways of styling their hair we have decided to select the most flattering and sexy hairstyles. So just check out 10 hairstyles for Afro-American men 2016.

7 Coolest Hairstyles for Long Hair for 2016

Having a full head of hair is the best sign of your health and perfect genes. So feel free to grow your hair out to impress people with your long and healthy locks. Some people find those who have long tresses blessed because not all can grow their hair. For having a hipster hair and trendy updos it costs to keep it long.Coolest Hairstyles for Long Hair for 2016It is amazing to see how men combine their long hairstyles with different kinds of beards. If you have long strands then go on reading to find out the coolest 7 hairstyles for long hair for 2016.

2016 Men’s Bleached Hairstyles

Nowadays we are starting to see a trend of full bleached hairstyles. Actually bleaching is a normal procession which is done by majority of females but who could imagine that bleached hairstyles would gain popularity among men too. If you are fashion follower and you are also going to bleach your hair then check out 2016 men’s bleached hairstyles2016 Mens Bleached Hairstyles Seriously, men equally rock bleached hairstyles as females. The tendency of wearing such hairstyles is growing. I bet many girls like to see men with eye-catching and glorious hairstyles. Some guys are keenly in fashion and I truly love it.

Justin Bieber’s Hairstyles for 2016

Justin Bieber is laterally growing in front of our eyes. You are going to be pretty surprised by the hairstyles which he has undergone. His hairstyles are inspiring for many men who are looking for brand new cuts. Being so young Justin Bieber has already managed to become an icon for many people around the world.Justin Bieber hairstyle ideas for 2016 Undoubtedly he has a sweet voice, but what about his hairstyles? Are you ready to discuss them? If yes, then go through our article to see Justin Bieber’s hairstyles for 2016. It is time to upgrade your look.

Men’s Top Curled Hairstyles for 2016

Need help with your curly locks? I think it is time for you to embrace your mannish twist with these curly hairstyles. Pretentious curly hairstyles will make you try out all hairstyles till you find a proper haircut and hair gel for you. Having curly hair is blessing so men with natural curls are curled hair for men 2016Even if you have thin hair your curls automatically make your hair look thicker. So today we have selected top curled hairstyles for 2016. These hairstyles will help you to find a solution for your curly locks. Now let’s have a look at them.