Hair Colors

If you think of changing your hair color in 2017 or just need to hide your grays then these hair color ideas are special for you. We offer shades for all skin tones and complexions and try to discover the recent edgy hues for your radical transformations too. If you want to make your hair look shiner and healthier then dye your locks in one of the trendy hair colors represented in these posts.

Latest Bold Hair Color Ideas for Men

While women find their inspiration in the subtle pastel hues men want to experiment with bolder and more striking hair colors. This tendency of wearing flashy and edgy hues on hair increases day by day and many more men try to look different, unique and glamorous with green, blue, pink, grey, and red and in any other shade that you see in hair color palette. bold hair colors for men 2016They like to combine their new hair colors with even more eye-catching hairstyles such as pompadours, spikes, Mohawks or undercuts. They do their best to showcase the fresh hair color in its best way. Though nowadays there are few cases when men dye their locks in these shades but since it is going to be very popular we have collected the latest bold hair colors for men to try in 2016.

2016 Hair Color Trends for Men

Dying hair is a good way to change your look as well as to refresh your hairstyle. Nowadays this is popular not only among women but also among stylish men who often do experiments in their appearance. However it is not always necessary to change your entire hair color. You can even add some cool highlights which can also provide you with a big difference. Today’s article is devoted to the trendiest men’s hair colors for colors for men 2016Hair Highlights for Men

Let’s start from the simplest hair color transformation. It’s the technique of adding cute hues that we call highlights in the world of fashion. According to your current hair color you can go either for dark or light highlights. Whatever you choose you should match it with your skin tone, eye color and of course, base hair color.

Best Hairstyle Ideas for Redhead Men

Being a natural redhead is so original and attractive. Many dream of having such natural style and reasonably go for red hair colors. Since this is a unique type of hair it also requires special hairstyles that enhance its beauty. Men with red hair should know that they are very eye-catching and seductive. Like redhead women they also stand out from the crowd and look astounding. In this post we’ll refer to the best hairstyles for redhead men. Check them out always to be in style.hairstyles for redhead men 2016Short Haircut for Redhead Men

Among short haircuts try to choose the one which is longer on the top part and short on the sides. It can a medium buzz cut. Avoid shaving and just go for a short buzz cut to keep the delightful shade of your hair color in its shiny and flashy look. Short haircuts will showcase your facial features and will highlight your masculinity. They are great especially for men who have wavy or curly hair and need to have a low-maintenance haircut.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Men 2016

Blonde is a subtle hair color to wear on hair. Natural blonde men look very eye-catching and their hairstyles are generally softer and more ravishing. However this doesn’t mean that everyone should change his hair color into a fresh blonde shade. If women can experiment with millions of blonde hair colors to enhance their femininity and to look more delicate then men should go for shades that make their hair look pretty and keep their masculine look at the same time. Here are the latest blonde hair colors for men to try in 2016.blonde hair colors for men 2016Platinum Blonde Hair Color for Men

If you think that only women like to experiment with the lightest shade of blonde then have a look at this guy in a platinum blonde hair color. Platinum blonde is very light hair color for hair and it is usually chosen by people who want to lighten up their complexion. In spite of being a bold hair color for men there are some who opt for it to stand out from the crowd.

Popular Hair Color Ideas for Men 2016

If women do their best to steal male haircuts and hairstyles, then men may have fun with hair colors to refresh their shade or to hide their grays. There are many trendy hair colors for men but today I will represent the most popular shades. So, check out these great men’s hair colors for colors for men 2016Light brown Hair Color for Men

Light brown hair color is a warm shade of brown that goes with many skin tones. It looks like a natural brown hue and makes your hair shine more beautifully. Those who have fine hair and consider it a kind of dull can opt for this soft shade to showcase the softness of their hair type.

Brown Hair Color Ideas for Men 2016

There are many hair color ideas for men both edgy and natural-looking. This time we will refer to the most natural-looking brown hair colors for men to try in 2016. If you want to dye your hair in a shiny and flashy hair color then make your choice right there.brown hair colors for men 2016Light Brown Hair Color for Men

Light brown shades are perfect hair colors for medium to light complexions. They go with light green, blue and brown eyes. Light brown is ravishing shade for medium haircuts and makes them even softer. Both straight and wavy locks look spiffy in light brown hair colors. This is a great shade to lighten up your dark hair color.

2016 Trendy Grey Hair Colors for Men

While many men associate grey tresses with old age young guys reasonably go for grey hair color. This is the trend of 2016 and is required both among women and men. It is quite appealing and makes hair eye-catching, softer and more delicate. Compared with brunette and blonde shades this hair color has a sophisticated touch in it and shines more beautifully. Today we’ll speak about 2016 trendy grey hair colors for men. Before going for any shade you should consider several essential factors. grey hair color for men2016So, if you have dark hair or have just a few grays in your hair and want to go for an entire grey shade you are supposed to refer to a professional hair colorist. Some go for home coring tips but if you really want to have the desired result you should visit a salon.