Hairstyles 2017

Men’s Classic Haircuts for 2016

Men sometimes need hairstyles that can make them look elegant, classy and will enhance their masculinity. They not always need to have short haircuts to look neat. There are several medium haircuts which also look very tidy if they are styled properly. Check out our collection of men’s classic hairstyles for 2016 and be inspired.classy hairstyles for men 2016Short Backcombed Haircut for Men

The first style that I want to represent you is the backcombed short haircut. This is cool for undercut hairstyles which are short on the sides and bit long on the top. In order to have a classy hairstyle you need to apply hair gel on the top part and comb all back. This hairdo is also called slicked back hairstyle and has a trendy wet look which makes hair shinier. You can opt for this style for your wedding day or for a formal occasions if you have a stylish undercut style.

Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men 2016

One of the popular hairstyles for men is the faux hawk. It works with many face structures including the round shape and is easy to style on different types of hair. In this post you will find the best men’s faux hawk hairstyles for 2016. If you are interested in this cool style then have a look at these examples and choose the ones that seem to be suitable for your haircut.faux hawk hairstyles for men 2016Actually faux hawk hairstyles are achieved on medium length hair because they require enough texture to be styled properly. It is usually perfect for thick undercut hairstyles and those who are already tired of the slicked back style may go for this one to refresh their look.

Coolest Hair Designs for Men

Like tattoos hair designs are becoming more and more popular. This trend is also known as hair tattoo art man who are looking for crazy, more eye-catching and out of the standards haircuts and hairstyles choose this very style. There are various hair designs for men and each can find the coolest style for himself. hair designs for men 2016Even women have started to opt for hair tattoos and the ones that they choose are subtler and more feminine. Creating hair designs is not so easy and this requires special skills, imagination and creativity. Before going for any hair tattoo you should find a professional hairstylist who is familiar with this style and who has his own approach towards it.

Men’s Pompadour Hairstyles 2016

Pompadour is considered as a classic style for men. They come in various styles, shapes, structure and sizes. You can see low and high pompadour hairstyles. Depending on your hair length you are welcome to get either a high or a low pompadour hairstyle. In this article you will see modern men’s pompadour hairstyles for 2016. If you are planning to switch up your look then discover this glam style.pompadour hairstyles for 2016So, what you need to rock a stunning pompadour hairstyle. First of all you need to have the right haircut. It can be a short haircut with long crown part or a medium haircut with short sides. The top part long hair gives you the chance to create sleek, side combed, high, low or retro-inspired rolled pompadour hairstyles. Since pompadours are classy party hairstyles they are great to be worn for the upcoming formal occasions.

2016 Trendy Spiky Hairstyles for Men

This is the century when men have many more hair styling ideas and each tries the cuts and styles that meet his preferences. There are street styled hairdos as well as sleek and classy options. There are casual and party hairstyles for all tastes. Between the most stylish and trendy hairstyles for men are spikes. This is a military-inspired style which is becoming a big trend. Check out my collection of trendy spiky hairstyles for 2016.spiky hairstyles for men 2016There are many ways to get the desired spiky hairstyle and this mostly depends on the haircut. Spiky hairstyles require short sides and longer top part and are generally perfect for thick locks.

Coolest Men’s Fade Haircuts for 2016

Fade is another versions of the popular undercut. This is gradual change of cuts from long to short. It can even end up with shaving to gift the desired fade effect. There are different types of fade haircuts and today we’ll discuss the coolest men’s fade haircuts for 2016. If you are interested in this style then check out this guide of fade cuts.fade haircuts for men 2016Low Fade with Razor Cut

Razor cut and clean fade is all you need to get a very striking hairstyle. The top part long hair can be combed to a side and in case you want to make it sleeker you can apply hair wax. This is a nice party hairstyle for you to wear for the upcoming formal occasions. The side parts are short cut and the lower part is shaved. As you see this change of cuts provides with a flashy hair color transformation as well from too dark to light.