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Top 6 Men’s Hairstyles for Round Faces 2016

Are you wondering which are the best haircuts and hairstyles for your round face shape? Well, you are in the right place because I am going to represent top 6 men’s hairstyles for round faces for 2016. While we may love some trendy haircuts but every face shape requires its special style. So, have a look at these options and find your style.male hairstyles for round face 2016High Volume Haircut for Men

Since round face shapes need to be changed into visually oval or longer looks you may try high volume haircuts. In order to have this look you should keep the top part as long as possible and go for short sides and back part. The created voluminous effect on the top part will change your face shape visually making it more handsome and attractive.

2016 Coolest Haircuts for Men with Straight Hair

In spite of the fact that straight hair allows men to have classy and very neat hairstyles but it is not always the style that guys prefer because straight locks tend to be sleek and have lack of volume. In order to add some volume, shag or attractiveness hairstylists offer different hair products as well as haircuts and hairstyles. In this post you will get familiar with the coolest men’s straight haircut ideas for 2016.straight haircuts for men 2016Straight Layered Haircut for Men

Men with straight hair can either have thick or thin locks but layered cuts are able to change the structure of the haircut and can even have influence on the thickness. Thus, if you want to add more volume to your hair you may try a layered haircut. It will help you to make hair look thicker and will give you more hair styling ideas.

Men’s Hairstyles with Bangs 2016

Adding fringe to any haircut is a good way to change your face shape visually, to hide some facial features and to have a brand new hairstyle. Bangs can be short or long according to your hair type, haircut and of course preferences. Here you will see the coolest men’s hairstyles with bangs for 2016. No any other additional element in hairstyle can change your look the way fringe does.bang hairstyles for men 2016 This is perhaps the simplest way to get a refreshed and a more fashionable hairstyle. There are straight, side swept, round, pointy and shaggy bangs for various types of hair.

Men’s Skin Fade Pompadour Hairstyles for 2016

Taking into account the fact that fade haircuts are very popular among men and they are often combined with stylish pompadours we have decided to devote a special article to this topic. Today we’ll discuss the most popular men’s skin fade pompadour hairstyles for 2016. skin fade pompadour hairstyles for men 2016Everywhere men look for the fashionable razor fade pompadour hairstyles which go with their face shape and facial features. There many videos on YouTube that show how to get the perfect skin fade haircut. Actually it is a type of fade that provides you with a clean hairstyle and is sometimes shaved at the lower parts of hair.

2016 Classy Comb Over Hairstyles for Men

Comb over hairstyles are among the classiest and the most elegant hairdos for men. They are very neat and grab attention with their high-shine and clean effect. The best thing about this style is that it works with millions of haircuts from fades to undercuts and from short to medium haircuts. Here we are going to represent you the best classy comb over hairstyles for 2016.  Since they are trendy you are welcome to copy the coolest options for your hair type in 2016.comb over hairstyles for men 2016Comb over is considered as a timeless hairstyle for men. There are two popular ways to style a perfect comb over hairdo. The first one is a quite neat style achieved by hair products and with smooth and gentle combing to one side.

Men’s Side Parted Hairstyles 2016

The classiest style that famous men wear is perhaps the side parted style. It is elegant, glamorous, neat and very masculine. If street styled hair is more relaxed and carefree men’s side parted hairstyles for 2016 seem to be the big classy trends. Side parted hairstyles are usually styled on short haircuts. They are very short on the sides and have some volume on the top part which is tightly and sleekly combed to the side and has a kind of quaff effect.side parted hairstyles for men 2016 This hairstyle is not a news for many as it was trendy in the 60’s too when elegant men combined it with their classy outfits and accessories. It is chosen by men who have short haircuts both in straight and curly styles. Inspiring celebrities like Zac Efron, David Beckham and George Clooney love to rock the fabulous side combed style. Let’s have a look at some trendy side combed hairstyles below.

Bold Asymmetrical Haircuts for Men 2016

Today’s article is devoted to the stylish men’s asymmetrical haircuts for 2016. There are various asymmetrical haircuts for both genders and the ones that men choose should differ from female haircuts. Uneven cuts fist became popular among women and later on they interested also men.asymmetrical haircuts for men 2016 Nowadays many men who seek to differ with their style pick astounding haircuts. It goes without saying that asymmetrical haircuts require creativity and the touch of your own taste. These are not casual but quite unique hairstyles that give you many hair styling ideas.

2016 Edgy Undercut Male Hairstyles

When a man thinks of an edgy look he should be very careful in his choice. Every detail and element is important in bold looks and while women appear with millions of radical changes men try to grab attention with their masculinity. So, whatever you opt for you should keep the masculine touch in this post we will represent the recent edgy undercut male hairstyles for 2016.bold undercut hairstyles for men 2016Long Undercut for Men

Long hair with side undercuts or with disconnected haircuts is a very bold hairstyle. It is more ye-catching in ponytail and other updo hairstyles which showcase the undercut clearly. Though this is not a common style for everyone but men who want to make their long hairstyle fascinating and harsh-looking may choose this very style.

Men’s Classy Medium Hairstyles 2016

While many guys consider medium haircuts messy and shaggy hairdressers offer cool ideas which help us create cool men’s classy medium hairstyles for 2016. Today’s post is devoted to the latest medium haircuts for men. All the collected options are trendy and look very classy. So, you can choose them for special occasions, for wedding parties and for official meetings.classy medium haircuts 2016Medium Undercut Hairstyle for Men

Undercuts are generally too short on the sides and quite long on the top part. In order to make this long top part classy and elegant you need to refer to special hair products. With the right chosen hair styling products you can achieve a nice classy undercut hairstyle. All you need is just gathering the top part hair the way so that it can look sleek, neat and very eye-catching. This is a party hairstyle that you can choose for the upcoming holidays.  

6 Cool Male Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas

There are millions of hairstyles out there in the fashion world but the most inspiring ideas offer celebrity looks. Men steal the most flattering and masculine haircuts and hairstyles that male Hollywood starts rock during red carpet events and special occasions. Since the trendy options are many we will offer you the coolest male celebrity hairstyles ideas in this post. Have a look at them and copy the style that most appeals to celebrity hairstyles for 2016Wentworth Miller Buzz Cut

This is the most popular style among army men. They wear it as a low-maintenance haircut. However many like to rock it as a trendy hairstyle. The short buzz cut is for busy men who hardly find time to style their hair properly. It is comfy and very masculine. As you see this buzz cut of Wentworth Miller enhances his handsomeness and brings out his beautiful facial features.