Long Hair

While many consider long hair feminine we offer such men’s long hairstyles for 2017 that go with the rules of the fashion world and look quite masculine. Smart hairstylists know the ways of making long hair look masculine and very fashionable. Here are collected the coolest long hairstyles for men.They are combined with beards and have the hipster touch in them.

2016 Men’s Hairstyles with Thick Hair

If you find thick strands a challenge to deal then you should check out the following images. A skillful barber will transform your unkempt and uncontrollable strands into a trendy and fashionable hairstyle. Even if some people hate their thick hair, they should know that with plenty of hair, they undoubtedly have many styling options.2016 Mens Hairstyles with Thick HairVoluminous and textured pompadours, fringes, undercut haircuts will compliment you thick hair. So, go on reading our article about 2016 men’s hairstyles with thick hair and explore the trendiest hairstyles and haircuts which you should rock this year.

Ginger Hairstyle Ideas by Johnny Harrington

According to a famous top model Johnny Harrington growing up with red hair is a little tough but yet cool thing. He likes to be a bit different and he thinks that everyone should be somehow unique. Is it true that redhead models are nowadays in high demand? It seems yes. Since red is unique shade among men, it is in mainstream.Ginger Hairstyle Ideas by Johnny Harrington Redhead men obviously stand out of the crowd and grab attention. Those who don’t have natural red strands, think about getting it. The most natural hue of red is ginger. It requires cool skin complexion. By the way if you are not redhead but you have intentions to get it, then go on reading to see one of the most popular models Johnny Herrington’s ginger hairstyle ideas.    

Best Hairstyles for Rock Stars

Today let’s cover all the best hairstyles of rock stars. It is not a secret that rock star’s hairstyles are not new. They gain popularity since Elvis Presley. Not necessary to be a rock star in order to wear crazy ‘dos. You can always wake your inner rock star up.Best Hairstyles for Rock Stars If you think that only long haircuts refer to rock ‘roll lovers, then you are mistaken because your short hair also will provide you with the best result. Well, I bet now you are curious to explore those haircuts. Just go on reading and watch the pictures of true rock ‘roll lovers.

7 Coolest Hairstyles for Long Hair for 2016

Having a full head of hair is the best sign of your health and perfect genes. So feel free to grow your hair out to impress people with your long and healthy locks. Some people find those who have long tresses blessed because not all can grow their hair. For having a hipster hair and trendy updos it costs to keep it long.Coolest Hairstyles for Long Hair for 2016It is amazing to see how men combine their long hairstyles with different kinds of beards. If you have long strands then go on reading to find out the coolest 7 hairstyles for long hair for 2016.

2016 Braided Hairstyles for Men

If you are tired of bun and other updo hairstyles but you still want to keep attention on your long locks then it is the best time to try something new. Versatile braids come out in various styles. Men of different preferences will definitely find their favorite braided hairstyle. Braids have really long history.braided hairstyles for men 2016 Human beings started to braid their hair from decades ago. Marvelous braided hairstyles were created for special rituals but nowadays braids are part of fashion industry and they will never get out of trend. So now let’s have a look at 2016 braided hairstyles for men. Find your preferable braided hairstyle proper for your hair length and rock the style.

8 Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men 2016

When it comes to hairstyles men are always in search. Some of them prefer to stay in the same style for a long time while others try to find completely new hairstyling ideas. If you are a man who is looking for adventures then you should check out the following 8 faux hawk hairstyles for men 2016.faux hawk hairstyles for 2016

Faux hawk or fohawk hairstyle looks like as Mohawk. Actually the definition of faux hawk is fake hawk. It is very easy to style faux hawk, you just need to keep hair gels, pomades or waxes. Your faux hawk can be created on your undercut fade haircut.

Jared Leto’s Hairstyles to Try in 2016

Jared Leto is one of those celebrities who never wear the same hairstyle for a long time. We can see him transforming from one style to another pretty often. Probably he is the best inspiration for men who are always searching for new haircuts. On the list of Jared Leto’s hairstyles everyone can find his favorite haircut.Jared Leto Hairstyles for 2016 Some hairstyles are neat while others are messy and cearless. Either you are fan of messy or curly, long or short, colored or non-colored haircuts; Jared has something for you. So have a look at Jared Leto’s hairstyles to try in 2016.

2016 Hottest Long Dreadlocks for Men

Do you want to do something unique, daring and unusual in your appearance? If you are a playful and positive personality then try out long dreadlocks in 2016. This afro-inspired style is not only for women but also for men who seek for original transformations. Long dreadlocks give you many fun hair styling ideas and always keep you in the center of attention. Nowadays men dreadlocks are very popular and they are going to become the biggest Afro trends not only for Afro-American men. long dreadlocks for men 2016While women opt for colorful, accessorized and festive dreadlocks men prefer classier, neater and manly styles in dark shades and in simple effects. They wear long black, dark brown, light brown and two-toned dreadlocks with their long hairstyles. It seems as if the Jamaican culture with its rich religious influences has something to do in the fashion world.

2016 Updo Hairstyles for Men’s Long Hair

It’s not a secret that any guy with long hair refers to bun, ponytail and other updo hairstyles time to time. It helps them to keep hair out of the case and to have a cozier style. Besides, updo hairstyles are classier and appropriate for official meetings or for special occasions. So, do you want to discover the most popular men’s updo hairstyles for 2016? Here are the latest trends that you can choose for your long locks. Actually I wasn’t going to create a special article for men’s updo hairstyles but since this trend is becoming more and more popular I will help you to find out the best styles. Thus, let’s get started!men updo hairstyles 2016Man Bun Hairstyle

Bun is a comfy and easy to do hairstyle for any type of hair. Be it curly or straight your long locks will be in a neater and more attractive style with the sleek bun hairstyles. In case you like loose and relaxed updos you can opt for messy buns. They are preferable for casual days and for second day unruly hair.

Men’s Best Hairstyles with Long Bangs 2016

Men are divided into two types when it comes to hairstyles; guys who prefer bang hairstyles and those who just avoid bangs. Actually bangs help to hide some facial features and solve many problems in our appearance. They help to add visual fullness to thin hair, cover large forehands, change the face shape or create a cool balance between haircuts and face shapes.  No other haircut has as much influence on your look as the right styled fringe. You can highlight your handsomeness and beauty with the help of a matching bang style. menhairstyles with long bangs 2016So, the power of fringe hairstyles can be discovered by any men who wants to take his look to another stylish level. Being inspired by the recent best runway looks many guys try out trendy hairstyles with long bangs in 2016. Why long bangs? Because they work well both with short and long haircuts. Check out some of the most fashionable examples below and learn the ideal styling techniques and methods to beautify your long bangs.