Long Hair

While many consider long hair feminine we offer such men’s long hairstyles for 2017 that go with the rules of the fashion world and look quite masculine. Smart hairstylists know the ways of making long hair look masculine and very fashionable. Here are collected the coolest long hairstyles for men.They are combined with beards and have the hipster touch in them.

Haircut Ideas for Men with Long Hair 2016

A men with long hair may appear to have a unique character, taste and way of thinking. However long hairstyles are not for every man. They require healthy locks, shiny effect and what is more important; special care. If you have decided to grow out your tresses then consider these factors but if you already have long hair then discover the most fashionable and good-looking men’s haircuts for long hair to try in 2016. Many male celebrities wear long hair but they definitely know the right way of styling it. Although those are long styles but they still look handsome and masculine. So, check out some of the latest options.long haircuts for men 2016Long Layered Haircut for Men

Layered haircuts are the sometimes the best solutions of regular touch ups. They refresh your hair and make it look healthier. Besides, they add texture and a bit shag to your dull long locks. So, opt for a cool layered haircut and style it in millions of ways.

2016 Men’s Long Layered Hairstyles

Guys who like to keep their hair in long styles should also take special care for it. Long locks are not always healthy and luscious that’s why regular touch ups are necessary. If you want to do it by the means of fresh haircuts then the best style is the layered haircut for you. Discover the latest trendy men’s long layered hairstyles for 2016 right here and right now.men long layered hairstyles 2016Long Curly Layered Haircut for Men

Men with long curly hair must always refer to a professional touch to make their locks very attractive. If you have natural curls in long styles then ask your hairstylist to add some cute layers to it. Though they won’t be so eye-catching but they will update the structure of your haircut.

Male Celebrities with Long Hair

Though it’s a fact that men have less hair changing opportunities than women and women usually appear with various hairdos there are some famous male celebrities who like to experiment with different hairstyles time to time. Today we will speak about the best and the most fashionable long hairstyles of male celebrities. Here they are!celebrity men long hairstyles 2016Christian Bale Long Layered Hair

Layered haircuts are popular not only among women but also among men. These are stylish and suitable haircuts for medium and long locks. Here you see Christian Bale with long layered hair. He has combined it with beard to have that classy and super masculine look.

Men’s Hairstyles for Long Hair 2016

Men who have long hair often face the problem of dealing with their unruly and fly away locks especially when it’s thin. Today we’ll discuss the best men’s hairstyles for long hair for 2016. If you want to know how to style your long tresses then keep on reading to discover the most suitable hairdos for long locks.men hairstyles for long hair 2016Long Straight Hairstyle for Men

You may often need to make your hair look shinier, healthier and neater. So, straightening is a good idea. You can use any hair straightening tool or machine to have your long locks into a super straight style. If you have damaged ends you may refresh them with some layered cuts and then straighten them. This is one of the best solutions for long-haired men.

Men’s Long Hairstyles with Beards for 2016

Men who have long hair obviously stand out from the crowd. They seem to belong to a particular culture but actually the tendency of wearing such hairstyles increases day by day. Today we’ll speak about the latest male long hairstyles with beards for 2016. This style represents your unique way of thinking, your independence and free spirit.mens long hairstyles with beards 2016 Many wear long hair because they find their inspiration in long-haired artists, actors and famous people. You may know many celebrities who rock long haircuts. They are usually connected with facial hair.

6 Cool Male Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas

There are millions of hairstyles out there in the fashion world but the most inspiring ideas offer celebrity looks. Men steal the most flattering and masculine haircuts and hairstyles that male Hollywood starts rock during red carpet events and special occasions. Since the trendy options are many we will offer you the coolest male celebrity hairstyles ideas in this post. Have a look at them and copy the style that most appeals to you.men celebrity hairstyles for 2016Wentworth Miller Buzz Cut

This is the most popular style among army men. They wear it as a low-maintenance haircut. However many like to rock it as a trendy hairstyle. The short buzz cut is for busy men who hardly find time to style their hair properly. It is comfy and very masculine. As you see this buzz cut of Wentworth Miller enhances his handsomeness and brings out his beautiful facial features.

Long Hipster Hairstyles for Men 2016

Recently the retro, classic and older haircuts are becoming very popular both among men and women. Everyone tries to look different and original by the most fascinating hairstyles of these times. Hipster is a unique and bold style for men that changes all your style into a unique and very eye-catching one. Perhaps this is one of the most masculine styles that inspires men. Today we’ll speak about the best men’s long hipster hairstyles for 2016.long hipster hairstyles for men 2016This is the style of the 1920’s-1950 and has many interesting hairstyles to offer for 2016. They are taken from the ancient culture and have that mysterious touch in them. You can see long haircuts and hairstyles as well as short haircuts in various styles.