Medium Hair

Mid-length haircuts are considered as the most convenient styles for any hairdo. Make your choice between these male medium hairstyles for 2017. They are eye-catching and very beautiful. You will see medium haircuts and hairstyles for all hair types and face shapes. Consult with your barber to make the right choice.

Eye-Catching Ponytails for Men

Men’s long hair is gaining popularity day by day and guys of different profession grow their locks to adopt the coolest hairstyles. Long hairstyles can be attractive for all men. It is good to have long hair but sometimes you really need to keep your hair out of your face particularly in hot weather. What can be better than a ponytail hairstyle?Eye Catching Ponytails for MenJust pull your hair back into a ponytail and your problem got the best solution. Ponytail will still show off the beauty of your hair length but it will look neater and sleeker. We rounded up some eye-catching ponytails for men, just have a glance.

Men’s Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes

While going for a haircut you should definitely consider your face shapes. Today I have rounded up some men’s hairstyles for square face shapes. According to hairstylist it is very easy to work with square face shapes because you don’t need to hide anything due to perfect bone structure.Mens Hairstyles for Square Face Shapes There are many haircuts which are available for men with square face shapes if you are interested to discover some of them then you should definitely watch the pictures that I have gathered below.

Men’s Dapper Haircuts for 2016

All retro thing are chic again and dapper haircut too. The word dapper is defined as neat and that exactly how you will see the most of these hairstyles. The main thing about this hairstyle is well-defined parting, tapered undercuts and slicked back hair, and the gloss of retro looks is pretty visible.Mens Dapper Haircuts for 2016 These hairstyles are for all face shapes so it is one of the most important things which you shouldn’t consider any more. Dapper haircuts are particularly for those who like to wear classic hairstyles. Now have a glance at men’s dapper haircut for 2016.     

Charming Bradley Cooper’s Hairstyles

Bradley Cooper “The Sexiest Men Alive” is a popular actor and heartbreaker. His hairstyles are always changing. It seems he doesn’t like to stay in the same style for a long time. Whatever he wears attract attention, it doesn’t matter he is wearing a long or short razor cut; consequently we can say that he is an inspiration for many guys.Charming Bradley Coopers Hairstyles I have selected the most popular haircuts of charming Bradley Copper if you are an enthusiastic fan then undoubtedly you can use these examples to replicate his adorable style. Now let’s have a look.

Men’s Chin Length Hairstyles

Are you seeking for trendy chin length haircuts for men? Well, there are various options that you can select from. However it is more than clear that everyone wants to have a style which will make him stand out of the crowd. I have gathered some chin length hairstyles for men which you will definitely love.Mens Chin Length HairstylesIt is time add some new hairstyles into your arsenal. Spice up your style with new nuances. This short list is going to fascinate you see read more discover more about this hair length.

2016 Men’s Gorgeous Hairstyles with Bangs

There is nothing better than upgrade your hairstyle with funky bangs.  Many people will attest that bangs can completely change their look.  With bangs you are going to look even younger. Who in their right senses wouldn’t like such a magic haircut? Bangs give your eyes a pop look, bring out your perfect cheekbone and hide your imperfections or facial problems.Men’s Gorgeous Hairstyles with Bangs for 2016 It is pretty important to choose a proper fringe for your haircut. So today we are going to offer you men’s hairstyles with bangs for 2016. Make your mind about adopting one of these styles.  

Handsome Ryan Gosling Haircuts

Ryan Gosling is a Canadian singer actor and musician and producer. He has a style which suits him a lot so he cannot be included into the list of the celebrities who change their hairstyles pretty often. He makes small adjustments and sometimes these make his style trendier and pretty often he can be spotted rocking retro looks too.Handsome Ryan Gosling Haircuts Ryan knows what he needs, the trick is not the style itself, but the confidence he wears it. Today we are going to look at handsome Ryan Gosling haircuts. Choose the best iconic look which is close to your nature.

Men’s Side Swept Hairstyle for Medium-Length Hair

Retro inspired side swept hairdo is now being styled with modern twists. One thing that is distinct about side swept hairstyle is that it is stylish and pretty classy. Another fascinating fact is that it is a versatile hairdo for all occasions. Every man would like to keep his look neat and elegant.Mens Side Swept Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair Well, I have selected some pictures of side swept hairstyles for medium length hair; check them out because I am sure you will find some styles that will meet your desires and preferences.

10 Brushed up Hairstyles for Men

Brush up hairstyle refers to a cut where the top hair is brushed up in an undercut or taper haircut. According to the hairstylist brushed up or “brush up” hairstyle got its name because of the hairstyle’s similarity to the brush cut although brush cut is a bit shorter style.Brushed up Hairstyles for Men Brushed up hairstyle has been worn by many celebrities, so you can include this hairstyle into your arsenal as well. Today we will cover 10 brushed up hairstyles for men which are worth to try now. Nevertheless, we will also give you instructions how to create it.

Best Comb-Over Hairstyles for Men

Highly popular comb-over hairstyles are excellent with many styles. Comb-over or combover hairstyles are being worn by balding men. Actually comb-over hairstyle defines as a strip of hair combed over a bald patch on men’s head in order to cover or conceal it.Best Comb-Over Hairstyles for MenComb-over is a timeless hairstyle which will never get out of fashion and except being trendy it is also a way to cover your boldness. Glitter of comb-over classic hairstyles attracts attention. Just feast your eyes on the fallowing comb-over hairstyles for men and pick something.