Medium Hair

Mid-length haircuts are considered as the most convenient styles for any hairdo. Make your choice between these male medium hairstyles for 2017. They are eye-catching and very beautiful. You will see medium haircuts and hairstyles for all hair types and face shapes. Consult with your barber to make the right choice.

Men’s Medium Layered Haircuts 2016

Everyone wants to have his own style to impress people around him. When it comes to several huge changes in the look people generally start with the hairstyle. Some prefer to get rid of their long locks while others reasonably grow them out to style differently. Medium length is one of the most popular styles among men and young guys. It gives millions of hair styling ideas and allows you to look different each time you opt for a new hairstyle.medium layered haircuts for men 2016 There are many beautiful medium haircuts for men but the most demanded and fashionable styles are medium layered haircuts for 2016. While you think on how to style your mid-length hair the right way, layers come out with cool variations. You can experiment with spiky, brushed up, side parted, straight, wavy, curly or any other trendy hairstyle which suits your face shape.

Men’s Medium Hairstyles from Hermes 2016 Fashion Weeks

Hermes is one of the most outstanding French fashion houses in the world. It is known with its posh and cool collections of leather, perfumery and many lifestyle goods and accessories both for men and women. The popular and stylish Hermes scarves today are the most required scarves among males and females. They have become a part of the modern French culture with their ritzy and ornate nature. However today we are not going to speak about the latest collection of Hermes’s leather pieces, accessories and scarves. The most inspiring things in fashion shows are hairstyles for us and therefore we have collected the best medium hairstyles for men to copy in 2016. Hermes 2016 men hairstylesThis time the majority of models are in curly, wavy and shaggy medium hairstyles which are so harmoniously combined with the fancy outfits. These are mid-length layered haircuts on natural curly, wavy and straight locks, but even straight haircuts have the messy touch in them.

Men’s Medium Shaggy Hairstyles for 2016

Many men love to wear messy hairstyles. One of the main reasons is the shaggy hairstyles are eye-catching and make them stand out from the crowd. Since shag is a trend today I will represent the best men’s medium shaggy hairstyles for 2016.  I will show you how beautiful shaggy haircuts and hairstyles re for stylish men who have mid-length hair. Keep on reading to learn some trendy hair styling ideas for 2016.medium shaggy hairstyles for men 2016Shaggy Layered Medium Haircut for Men

It’s not a secret that the best messy looks are achieved due to layered cuts. They are great for medium hair and look better with side parted styles. In order to keep the attractiveness of your medium haircut you need to go for a tousled and a messy a style. If you have naturally wavy hair you will get the desired effect easier and quicker than those with straight hair.

2016 Men’s Mid-Length Undercut Hairstyles

It’s the high time to clean up your haircut with a new and fresh style. What about the trendy undercut? This is the most favorite haircut for the majority of men who have thick hair. It doesn’t ask hair type and all you need to go for a cool undercut medium hair. Here we have collected the best men’s mid-length undercut hairstyles for 2016. Find your new hair styling inspiration.medium undercuts for men 2016Medium Curly Undercut for Men

My stylish men who rock lovely curly hair are welcome to make it more masculine with undercuts. I know you love your curls and don’t want to get rid of them that’s why I offer you to keep the top part in its mid-length and go for short side parts. If you like you can even shave the sides to have the desired contrast between the soft top part and harsh sides. It will break down the softness and subtleness of your hair and will add extra masculinity.

Cool Male Celebrity Medium Hairstyles

Do you have medium hair? Would you like to style it in new and stylish ways? Copy the following cool male celebrity medium hairstyles and bring out your handsome look. These Hollywood stars know how to sparkle both on casual and special days with their stunning hairstyles. Have a look at them and find your inspiration!celebrity medium hairstyles for men 2016Liam Payne Medium Layered Haircut

Here you see our gorgeous Liam Payne in a medium layered haircut. It suits him very much and compliments his face shape. This haircut is great one to be chosen both by straight and curly-haired guys who want to refresh their hairstyle. Layered haircuts will give you many more opportunities for trendy hairstyles like shaggy or messy, voluminous wavy and super straight. You can show off the structure of your cool haircut in many trendy hairstyles.

Men’s Classy Medium Hairstyles 2016

While many guys consider medium haircuts messy and shaggy hairdressers offer cool ideas which help us create cool men’s classy medium hairstyles for 2016. Today’s post is devoted to the latest medium haircuts for men. All the collected options are trendy and look very classy. So, you can choose them for special occasions, for wedding parties and for official meetings.classy medium haircuts 2016Medium Undercut Hairstyle for Men

Undercuts are generally too short on the sides and quite long on the top part. In order to make this long top part classy and elegant you need to refer to special hair products. With the right chosen hair styling products you can achieve a nice classy undercut hairstyle. All you need is just gathering the top part hair the way so that it can look sleek, neat and very eye-catching. This is a party hairstyle that you can choose for the upcoming holidays.  

6 Cool Male Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas

There are millions of hairstyles out there in the fashion world but the most inspiring ideas offer celebrity looks. Men steal the most flattering and masculine haircuts and hairstyles that male Hollywood starts rock during red carpet events and special occasions. Since the trendy options are many we will offer you the coolest male celebrity hairstyles ideas in this post. Have a look at them and copy the style that most appeals to celebrity hairstyles for 2016Wentworth Miller Buzz Cut

This is the most popular style among army men. They wear it as a low-maintenance haircut. However many like to rock it as a trendy hairstyle. The short buzz cut is for busy men who hardly find time to style their hair properly. It is comfy and very masculine. As you see this buzz cut of Wentworth Miller enhances his handsomeness and brings out his beautiful facial features.

6 Cool Haircut Ideas for Black Men 2016

We often differentiate between hair types when it comes to haircuts. Since hair type and texture that black men have is quite different and unique we will offer haircuts and hairstyles that go with this type. If you are a black man and are in a search of a trendy haircut then have a look at this guide of cool black men haircuts for men haircuts for 2016Fade Haircuts for Men

The various types of fade haircuts seem to be created special for black men. They are so clean, tidy and classy, these haircuts allow black men to have their frizzy, messy or curly hair in a quite short and comfy length. They often connect their facial hair with this haircut creating a kind of cool structure, those who are big fans of hair tattoos also add different designs on the short side parts.

Best Party Hairstyle Ideas for Men 2016

Stylish men usually try to look stunning during parties. They wear hairstyles which are clean, attractive, masculine, eye-catching, classy and elegant. When it comes to wedding parties they try to find out the latest neat hairstyles for parties. In this post I will represent the best men’s party hairstyle ideas for 2016. Keep your eyes on them to choose the most suitable styles for your hair hairstyles for men 2016There are different lengths of hairstyles for men to look festive but the most popular ones still remain short and medium haircuts. Be it curly or straight hairstylists can always provide you with glamorous and fabulous festive hairstyle.

2016 Trendy Medium Haircuts for Men

The majority of men like short haircuts but there are trendy medium male haircuts for 2016 that suit special types of hair and face shapes. Actually medium hairstyles are more versatile for men than short cuts and they give more hair styling opportunities. These hairstyles and haircuts tend to change your look entirely and gift you another stylish appearance. Whether you want a classy style or a carefree shag hairstyle you can get different medium hairdos.  Here are collected the latest medium hairstyles for men between which you can choose the option that works with your hair type.medium haircuts for men 2016Layered Medium Haircut for Men

Among so many medium cuts layered haircuts are the trendiest ones. They are achieved both on straight and curly hair and tend to add a touch of elegancy. Medium layered cuts give you countless ideas on how to style your locks. Layers are perfect especially for men who have fine straight hair and need to make it a bit voluminous.