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Runway and celebrity inspired men’s hairstyles for 2017 are all collected in these articles. They have come to make you look more masculine, more seductive and more fashionable. All you need is just looking for as many hairstyles as possible to meet your favorite style for 2017.

2016 Men’s Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Before you go for a short haircut wait for minute. Today I am here you offer you trendy medium curly hairstyles for 2016. Since natural hair is in thing for this year you should embrace and highlight it. So, here are the coolest ideas for your curly hair.curly hairstyles for men 2016Short Curly Hairstyle for Men

The short cut for naturally curly hair is ideal for men who want to have an elegant and sleek look. This hairstyle is pretty and breaks down the softness of your locks. That is to say show off your masculinity and facial features. In order to change the voluminous effect into a sleeker one you should rub some hair wax on the top part curls.

2016 Best Male Hairstyles for Thin Hair 

Men may have either naturally fine hair or it may become thin by their age. But keep calm and don’t worry about hairstyles because there are great options for thin hair too. Today we’ll speak about the best male hairstyles for thin hair to try in 2016. So, let’s start!thin hairstyles for men 2016Short Haircut for Thin Hair

If your hair is fine and you want to hide its thinness then first of all you should think of short haircuts. Short haircuts make hair tidier, cleaner and don’t show off where it’s too thin or thick. So, sport a short haircut and style it into a slightly wavy or shaggy hairstyle to keep the attractiveness of the haircut.

6 Cool Haircut Ideas for Black Men 2016

We often differentiate between hair types when it comes to haircuts. Since hair type and texture that black men have is quite different and unique we will offer haircuts and hairstyles that go with this type. If you are a black man and are in a search of a trendy haircut then have a look at this guide of cool black men haircuts for 2016.black men haircuts for 2016Fade Haircuts for Men

The various types of fade haircuts seem to be created special for black men. They are so clean, tidy and classy, these haircuts allow black men to have their frizzy, messy or curly hair in a quite short and comfy length. They often connect their facial hair with this haircut creating a kind of cool structure, those who are big fans of hair tattoos also add different designs on the short side parts.

2016 Men’s Low Pompadour Hairstyles for Short Hair

The popular pompadour hairstyle is has its origin from the name of Madame de Pompadour. Today there are many variations of these hairstyles both for men and women. It is a trendy style and in order to create a perfect pompadour effect on your haircut you need to sweep your hair upwards from the face and style it high over the forehead. It looks better with sleek upswept sides too. Today we’ll speak about the trendiest short and low pompadour hairstyles for 2016. Have a look at them and steal new ideas for your short hair.low pompadour hairstyles 2016Low Classy Pompadour Hairstyle

Short haircuts with side lines which make the cut more attractive are great for low pompadour hairstyles. These pompadours look very classy and elegant. You can wear it on your wedding day or for an official meeting. It’s so clean and masculine. You can match it with any elegant suit and be in the center of attention. If you have unruly or frizzy hair you can keep it under control with hair wax.

Male Hairstyles for Wavy Hair 2016

Compared with straight hair which looks very sleek wavy locks are rather voluminous and thick. They add extra depth to any hairstyle and grab more attention. Men who have naturally wavy hair have the chance to rock cute hairstyles but will also think of making them quite masculine. Special for this reason we have collected the best male wavy hairstyles for 2016. So, have a look at these fresh hairstyles and find your inspiration.wavy hairstyles for men 2016High Fade for Wavy Hair

Fade haircuts are great to make your wavy hair look cleaner and sleeker. The side [arts can be cut into short haircuts or can even be shaved. According to your preferences you can keep the top part either long or too short. If you keep it long you can style pompadour and other stylish hairstyles in 2016. It will keep you in the center of attention

Hottest Fade Haircuts for Black Men 2016

The popular fade is a must have haircut for many black men. It’s not a secret that the majority of black men have frizzy, curly or messy locks and in order to make it neat they should go for special haircuts. Actually fade is the most suitable haircut for any black man who want to go for a short haircut. It looks very beautiful on dark hair and creates a kind of hair color change between the cuts. In this article you will find black fade haircuts for 2016. Have a look at them and pick the style that meets your preferences and works with your hair type.fade haircuts for black men 2016Fade is a classy haircut which is also worn by army personnel. It is a cool hairstyle to wear on black hair and to look very sleek. Before European men started to opt for this haircut black men had already discovered its coolness.

2016 Best Male Hairstyles for Thick Hair

The hair styling world is special for thick-haired guys. While thin-haired men do their best to discover the best styles for their hair men with thick hair enjoy various trendy styles. Today we’ll refer to the best men’s thick hairstyles for 2016. If you are looking for new fashionable hairdo for your thick tresses then keep on reading.hairstyles for thick hair 2016Undercut/Fade Haircut for Thick Hair

The various types of undercuts are great for thick hair. They are cool on straight thick locks and tend to bring out its beauty. The gradual change of the cuts that provide this cool effect are just incredible you can also choose trendy fade haircuts which are closer to undercuts and make your haircut look cleaner and tidier. You can go for slicked back hairstyles or for glamorous wet-look hairdos using only the top part hair as the sides are quite short and can even be shaved.

Best Party Hairstyle Ideas for Men 2016

Stylish men usually try to look stunning during parties. They wear hairstyles which are clean, attractive, masculine, eye-catching, classy and elegant. When it comes to wedding parties they try to find out the latest neat hairstyles for parties. In this post I will represent the best men’s party hairstyle ideas for 2016. Keep your eyes on them to choose the most suitable styles for your hair type.party hairstyles for men 2016There are different lengths of hairstyles for men to look festive but the most popular ones still remain short and medium haircuts. Be it curly or straight hairstylists can always provide you with glamorous and fabulous festive hairstyle.

Men’s Classic Haircuts for 2016

Men sometimes need hairstyles that can make them look elegant, classy and will enhance their masculinity. They not always need to have short haircuts to look neat. There are several medium haircuts which also look very tidy if they are styled properly. Check out our collection of men’s classic hairstyles for 2016 and be inspired.classy hairstyles for men 2016Short Backcombed Haircut for Men

The first style that I want to represent you is the backcombed short haircut. This is cool for undercut hairstyles which are short on the sides and bit long on the top. In order to have a classy hairstyle you need to apply hair gel on the top part and comb all back. This hairdo is also called slicked back hairstyle and has a trendy wet look which makes hair shinier. You can opt for this style for your wedding day or for a formal occasions if you have a stylish undercut style.

Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men 2016

One of the popular hairstyles for men is the faux hawk. It works with many face structures including the round shape and is easy to style on different types of hair. In this post you will find the best men’s faux hawk hairstyles for 2016. If you are interested in this cool style then have a look at these examples and choose the ones that seem to be suitable for your haircut.faux hawk hairstyles for men 2016Actually faux hawk hairstyles are achieved on medium length hair because they require enough texture to be styled properly. It is usually perfect for thick undercut hairstyles and those who are already tired of the slicked back style may go for this one to refresh their look.