Short Hair

It goes without saying that short haircuts are the most boyish and masculine haircut ideas all over the world. Here are the recent men’s short hairstyles for 2017. If you want to bring out your handsome facial features and face shape then these posts are for you. Don’t waste time and show off your handsomeness due to one of the below shown short haircuts in 2017.

6 Shortest Haircuts for Men 2016

Short hairstyles are chosen by men of different ages and preferences. Actually there are several types of short haircuts which we are going to discuss today. There are many advantages of wearing short haircuts. First, you don’t need to spend much time styling your hair.short haircuts for men 2016Second, in hot seasons irritating hair will not fall on your face. Third, you can wear short hairstyles whenever and wherever you want. If you want to know more about short haircuts then go on reading to see 6 shortest hairstyles for men 2016.

Jared Leto’s Hairstyles to Try in 2016

Jared Leto is one of those celebrities who never wear the same hairstyle for a long time. We can see him transforming from one style to another pretty often. Probably he is the best inspiration for men who are always searching for new haircuts. On the list of Jared Leto’s hairstyles everyone can find his favorite haircut.Jared Leto Hairstyles for 2016 Some hairstyles are neat while others are messy and cearless. Either you are fan of messy or curly, long or short, colored or non-colored haircuts; Jared has something for you. So have a look at Jared Leto’s hairstyles to try in 2016.

Men’s Short Straight Hairstyles for 2016

Straight hair will never go out of style as it’s always elegant and classy. It goes without saying that the shorter the hair the neater you’ll look. In this case any men who wants to look posh and clean should try out a short haircut at least once in his life. Though the majority of men have short haircuts but not everyone cares about the matching hairstyles. If you are interested in the short and straight combos then keep on reading. Discover the most beautiful men’s short straight hairstyles for 2016. Be always in style due to a trendy hairstyle.short straight hairstyles for men 2016Short Straight Layered Haircut

The most common straight style is created on layered haircuts. You can opt for layers not only for medium or long but also for short haircuts which have some texture on the top. After straightening you will notice how fresh and cool your layered haircut looks.

Colton Haynes’s Best Short Hairstyles

Colton Lee Haynes is a handsome American actor and model whose haircuts and hairstyles are always posh and inspiring for many men. Since we usually see him in col short haircuts here we’ll represent Colton Haynes’s best short hairstyles which are going to give you trendy hair styling ideas. Actually this stylish guy is fond of different short fade and spiky hairstyles but he also wears slicked back and wet-looking styles. Check them out below and copy the ones that compliment your hair type.Colton Haynes short hairstyles 2016Colton Haynes Spiky Hairstyle

So, the first style that you can consider in 2016 is the lovely short spiky. As Colton has quite thick and textured hair he easily archives the sharp and striking spikes on the top part locks. Though his hair is short but it still gives the chance to rock a splendid and perfect spiky hairstyle. You can get the same result by hair styling oils and creams. Rub them on the top part hair and achieve the spikes either by using a comb or you fingers. If you have too soft hair you can fix the final effect with hair spray.

The Short Butch Cut for Men

The popular butch cut or the so called brush cut is one of the low-maintenance haircuts for men after the short Caesar and Ivy League haircuts. This style belongs to the buzz cut family and provides you with a neat and tidy haircut which brings out your face shape and facial features. It goes with many face shapes and is recommended for balding men. This is a military inspired haircut and is often chosen by athletes too. Being such a comfy hairstyle the butch cut is short on all sides and the length is the same on top, back and sides. Here you see several cool examples of short butch haircuts which are quite tidy and fresh-looking. Some can even choose it for the hot summer days and for busy seasons when they have little time for hair styling. Young guys are welcome to wear it as a hassle-free and no-fuss haircut.butch haircuts for men 2016How to Get a Butch Cut: Actually butch cuts are one of the easiest haircuts to get on any type of hair. Any barber can provide you with a perfect and sometimes skillful men achieve it even by themselves. However if you are not comfortable taking such a decision then refer to a barber.

Cozy Short Haircuts for Black Men

It is not a secret that Afro-American men have unique types of hair. It gives them many hair styling ideas and therefore hairstylists and barbers think of new and fancier haircuts and hairstyles for afro curls, waves or messy locks. They can opt for natural, tapered or shaved haircuts which have their originality. As for short haircuts for black men there are various fashionable options but here are collected the most popular and striking ideas. Check them out!short hairstyles for black men 2016Mini Afro Haircut for Black men

Unlike medium or longer natural curls mini Afro haircut required less hair styling efforts and time. They are comfy and very attractive. Even if you opt for a short haircut your natural hair still grabs attention and keeps you in a trendy look.

2016 Roberto Cavalli Men’s Short Brushed Up Hairstyles

In spite of the fact that spring and summer collections are here we are still admired by the pre-fall fashion shows during which designers have shown their best and the most inspiring looks. Roberto Cavalli pre-fall 2016 men’s collection is full of splendid pieces with ideal quality and ritzy touches in them. Men wearing those outfits just keep all eyes on their well-favored and lofty looks. The desired masculine touch is more impressive and prominent due to the chosen trendy brushed up hairstyles which compliment classy looks as well as go with street styles. This is a kind of neutral and flexible hairstyle which goes with any style and hair type. Let’s discover the beauty of short brushed up hairstyles for 2016 just inspired from Roberto Cavalli pre-fall 2016 best looks.Roberto Cavalli 2016 brushed up hairstyles for menSo, what is a brushed up hairstyle? This style is a high-volume hairdo with a bit messiness in. it is a perfect style especially for naturally curly and wavy short haircuts which provide the necessary volume on the top. However men with straight locks can also get it by hair styling tools and products.

Men’s Trendy Short Hairstyles with Fringes 2016

Perhaps you hardly can find any other way to change the shape of your face visually so simply. Fringes or bangs are the easiest ways of adding charm, fullness and interest to your haircut. No matter you have a short or long haircut you can always find the best fringe for it. As for trendy short haircuts with bangs to try in 2016 here are some cool options. There are both short and long bangs for short haircuts. Check them out!short fringe haircuts for men 2016Short Haircut with Short Fringe

This short haircut is combined with straight bangs which are in a comfy short length. It hardly hides the forehead and therefore allows you to showcase your facial features. It is easy to style by straightening and combing with a fine-tooth comb.

Easy To do Men’s Short Hairstyles for Work

Nowadays men’s grooming is more evolved than, for example 30 years ago. Men do everything to look as neat as possible. More and more guys stand out from the crowd with their own style and unique appearance. They refer to special stylists to change their look into a more attractive level and don’t afraid of radical transformations. They are experimenting with trendy haircuts, pick special hair products for their hair type and even learn the ways of styling this or that particular hairstyle. Men’s short hairstyles for work are not exceptions and if you have a special dress code at your office and need to wear a suitable haircut then keep on reading.short hairstyles for men 2016Short Classy Haircut for Men

This attractive haircut is quite neat and classic. It is an amazing hairstyle for men of all face shapes and can be worn on straight hair as well as on curly locks. It allows you to keep your haircut in a trendy short style and takes little time for styling.

Best Short Curly Haircuts for Men 2016

Curly hair can never be bad at least for people who have straight and sleek locks. Curls make hair more beautiful, soft, subtle and so eye-catching. Both men and women who have naturally curly hair are blessed with a gem. However they should care about their haircuts and hairstyles to keep their look stylish and their hair healthy. Today we will discuss the bet short curly haircuts for men 2016. If you are tired of your medium or long curls and want some change in your appearance then go for short haircuts. They are not only low-maintenance but also make you look more masculine.short curly haircuts for men 2016Short Curly Haircut for Men

This is the simplest haircut that you can wear on your curls to have a classy look. It is quite short and elegant and tends to keep you in a neat form. If you have fly away strands you can keep them under control with hair gel or wax. You’d better apply it on the sides and on the fringe but try to keep the top part hair in its lovely voluminous style. Business men can opt for this haircut to be in a stylish and classic look.