Short Hair

It goes without saying that short haircuts are the most boyish and masculine haircut ideas all over the world. Here are the recent men’s short hairstyles for 2017. If you want to bring out your handsome facial features and face shape then these posts are for you. Don’t waste time and show off your handsomeness due to one of the below shown short haircuts in 2017.

Best Short Curly Haircuts for Men 2016

Curly hair can never be bad at least for people who have straight and sleek locks. Curls make hair more beautiful, soft, subtle and so eye-catching. Both men and women who have naturally curly hair are blessed with a gem. However they should care about their haircuts and hairstyles to keep their look stylish and their hair healthy. Today we will discuss the bet short curly haircuts for men 2016. If you are tired of your medium or long curls and want some change in your appearance then go for short haircuts. They are not only low-maintenance but also make you look more masculine.short curly haircuts for men 2016Short Curly Haircut for Men

This is the simplest haircut that you can wear on your curls to have a classy look. It is quite short and elegant and tends to keep you in a neat form. If you have fly away strands you can keep them under control with hair gel or wax. You’d better apply it on the sides and on the fringe but try to keep the top part hair in its lovely voluminous style. Business men can opt for this haircut to be in a stylish and classic look.

2016 Men’s Short Haircuts for Wavy Hair

They say one’s appearance and style may speak more about him/her than his own way of representing himself/herself. So, hairstyle in this case plays a great role. They can showcase your way of thinking, taste and even character. For example we often differentiate between boys’ and men’s’ hairstyles. Why? Because men wear different hairstyles and younger boys prefer other styles. Today we will speak about the latest men’s short wavy haircuts for 2016.short wavy hairstyles for men 2016 While teenagers are welcome to grow their wavy locks out classy and elegant men seek for shorter haircuts to look more masculine and attractive. They have to be elegant and appealing at office and out in everyday life to highlight their personality.

Short Buzz Cuts for Men 2016

There is no any other perfect low-maintenance haircut for men than the buzz cut. It is too short in it style and seems to stay in thing for a while. Buzz cuts are trendy in 2016 and they are worn with many men. No matter what you see in the fashion world, buzz cut is everywhere and it’s popular especially among army men. Today we’ll speak about the best short buzz cuts for 2016. Keep on reading to discover this style for cuts for men 2016So, cutting off or shaving hair into a quite short buzz cut is a cool way to change your look entirely. It will bring out not only your face shape but also your facial features. It’s also ideal to have a cozy haircut during hot summer months. You cannot find any other easy and convenient hairstyle for your busy life.

2016 Short Slick Hairstyles for Men

When it comes to slick and shiny hairstyles we consider them as formal, classy and festive hairdos for men. They are the most suitable hairstyles for wedding parties and for many official meetings. Businessmen often choose slick hairstyles to have an elegant and neat look. Here we have collected some trendy men’s short slick hairstyles for 2016 to inspire you. short slick hairstyles for 2016Since short haircuts are the most masculine and attractive cuts for men they are enhanced with the help of wet-looking effect. Many fashionable celebrities like to appear on the red carpet with short slick hairstyles. They are also worn by stylish models who rock the latest runway shows in classy outfits and looks.

Short Spiky Hairstyles for Men 2016

Though women try to steal the spiky style from men but it still remains harsh and masculine hairdo. This is a striking and sharp style which enhances men’s masculinity and when women wear spikes they break down their femininity and add a boyish touch in their look. short spiky hairstyles for men 2016Before man liked to go for perfect and sleek hairstyles. Today they prefer messier and more eye-catching solutions. Spiky hairstyles are messy in their look and they grab quite enough attention for you to stand out from the crowd. If you want to rock this style on your short haircuts then you may consider the represented short spiky hairstyle ideas in 2016.

2016 Best Male Hairstyles for Thin Hair 

Men may have either naturally fine hair or it may become thin by their age. But keep calm and don’t worry about hairstyles because there are great options for thin hair too. Today we’ll speak about the best male hairstyles for thin hair to try in 2016. So, let’s start!thin hairstyles for men 2016Short Haircut for Thin Hair

If your hair is fine and you want to hide its thinness then first of all you should think of short haircuts. Short haircuts make hair tidier, cleaner and don’t show off where it’s too thin or thick. So, sport a short haircut and style it into a slightly wavy or shaggy hairstyle to keep the attractiveness of the haircut.

Coolest Men Celebrity Short Haircuts

Hair trends are always evolving and what we copy from celebrities are the latest ideas in the fashion world. If you are looking for a new and cool hairstyle you can copy some from male celebrities. Here I have collected the best and the coolest men celebrity short haircuts special for you. Here you will find short army cuts as well as shaggy curly haircuts. Choose the style that goes with your face shape and hair type.celebrity men short haircuts 2016Adam Levine Short Buzz Cut

Let’s start from the shortest haircut inspired by army personnel. This is the trendy buzz cut which is considered as the most convenient low-maintenance haircut for busy men. It showcases face shape and facial features and is great for guys who have very handsome facial features and want to show them off. So, copy Adam Levine’s short buzz cut in 2016 to look tidier and more masculine.

6 Cool Male Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas

There are millions of hairstyles out there in the fashion world but the most inspiring ideas offer celebrity looks. Men steal the most flattering and masculine haircuts and hairstyles that male Hollywood starts rock during red carpet events and special occasions. Since the trendy options are many we will offer you the coolest male celebrity hairstyles ideas in this post. Have a look at them and copy the style that most appeals to celebrity hairstyles for 2016Wentworth Miller Buzz Cut

This is the most popular style among army men. They wear it as a low-maintenance haircut. However many like to rock it as a trendy hairstyle. The short buzz cut is for busy men who hardly find time to style their hair properly. It is comfy and very masculine. As you see this buzz cut of Wentworth Miller enhances his handsomeness and brings out his beautiful facial features.

Best Party Hairstyle Ideas for Men 2016

Stylish men usually try to look stunning during parties. They wear hairstyles which are clean, attractive, masculine, eye-catching, classy and elegant. When it comes to wedding parties they try to find out the latest neat hairstyles for parties. In this post I will represent the best men’s party hairstyle ideas for 2016. Keep your eyes on them to choose the most suitable styles for your hair hairstyles for men 2016There are different lengths of hairstyles for men to look festive but the most popular ones still remain short and medium haircuts. Be it curly or straight hairstylists can always provide you with glamorous and fabulous festive hairstyle.

7 Short Haircut Ideas for Men 2016

Short haircuts are always in thing and they are the most masculine hairstyles all over the world. Though there are various short cuts for men but we have collected the best 7 man’s short haircuts for 2016.short haircuts for men 2016Short Buzz Cut for Men

Men who are looking for a trendy army haircut or for a too short low maintenance hairstyle can pick the short buzz cut. It is a cozy and very masculine haircut for any man. It gives you a cleaner and tidier look and doesn’t require much time to be styled properly. It is a simple yet very stylish cut to wear in 2016.