Conor Mcgregor Inspired Haircuts

Sometimes men choose their favorite celebrities as a source of inspiration. Well, that’s  not bad as long as the crop suits your face shape and natural texture. Conor Mcgregor is one of those celebrities that are always in the center of attention. His badass haircuts and beard styles always get a new design and that’s more than inspiring for those that are keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Whether you like his short slicked-back hairstyle or in love with undercuts, here we put together the best Conor Mcgregor inspired haircuts just check the pictures. Messy Quiff and Beard 

Quiffs work both on curly and straight texture. Everyone can experiment with the style regardless of whether the wearer has long or short hair. Conor Mcgregor wears his quiff with buzzed sides. The messy and tousled style of the quiff is the key to this trendy look. Actually, the headdress is easy to get, if of course you have a haircut like this. Long Comb Over and Tapered Sides 

Let your sides grow out for a classic tapered haircut like this. The longer hair on top allows him to wear different hairstyles including this comb over. As you can see this cool texture provides with a great comb over look. Show this picture to your barber and as for the same style. When it comes to styling, you will need to use some hair products such as wax or hair gel. Hard Part Comb Over and Thick Line

Conor McGregor always keeps his hair short and clean. He knows how to get an impressive hairstyle without growing his locks. The only thing that never changes in his style is his signature beard. It works with every hairstyle including this one that is combed over and paired with a hard part for a bold and sophisticated look. You can’t go wrong with a masculine haircut like this.Shaved Sides and Long Sleek Back

Men’s sleek back hairstyles have always been classy and stylish. Modern men prefer to wear the style both casually and formally. It works for every hair type and texture. In this particular picture McGregor changed up his look by completely shaving the sides of his head. The crop is combined with a bold slicked-back look. You can get the same effect by applying a generous amount hair gels.Buzz Cut and Thick Beard

Everyone will admit that short crops look great on McGregor. He knows how to pair different elements for a new and stylish hair look. Short haircuts are fabulous as they don’t require care. 



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