Coolest Men’s Fade Haircuts for 2016

Fade is another versions of the popular undercut. This is gradual change of cuts from long to short. It can even end up with shaving to gift the desired fade effect. There are different types of fade haircuts and today we’ll discuss the coolest men’s fade haircuts for 2016. If you are interested in this style then check out this guide of fade cuts.fade haircuts for men 2016Low Fade with Razor Cut

Razor cut and clean fade is all you need to get a very striking hairstyle. The top part long hair can be combed to a side and in case you want to make it sleeker you can apply hair wax. This is a nice party hairstyle for you to wear for the upcoming formal occasions. The side parts are short cut and the lower part is shaved. As you see this change of cuts provides with a flashy hair color transformation as well from too dark to light.sleek undercut with fade 2016Sleek Wet-Look Fade Hairstyle

Wet-looking hairstyles are popular and they are achieved in many haircuts. One n of them is the high fade haircut. The long top part of hair is taken under control by hair gel or wax and loos very sleek. In order to bring out the fresh fade haircut you should opt for this style. It is a classy hairstyle for elegant men.fade haircut men 2016Fade Haircut with Short Spiky Style

There are cases when men like to combine their beard with their fade haircut. They work with each other perfectly and create delightful designs. This short or low fade haircut gives you the chance of going for a spiky style. Spiky effects are easy to get by the help of fingers and, of course, by hair styling products. Spiky hairstyles are big trends in 2016.short spiky fade haircut 2016Fade Haircut with Beard

Here is the most common fade haircut with beard. This style is very masculine and draws attention. If you opt for it you will create a well-balanced and harmonious style both for your hair and beard. You can either connect it with your fade haircut or may separate with shaved sides. In case you are fond of hair designs you can decorate the sides with unique shapes.sleek side combed fade haircut 2016Messy Fade Hairstyle

Since fade haircuts are clean and tidy in their styles they are neat even in messy hairstyles. The short sides keep the balance and don’t allow your messy top part look carefree. It seems as if you reasonably create the messiness to break down the sleekness of your haircut.shaggy fade cut 2016Natural Fade Haircut

It’s not a secret the fade haircuts are the favorite styles of black men. They like to wear it on their natural hair and to make it look classy. Natural hair is generally messy and carefree and it’s more than engaging in fade cuts.natural fade haircut 2016



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