Coolest Shaggy Hairstyle Ideas for Men

It’s the right time to change your style and whole appearance for the upcoming tender season. People always seek for new ideas and transformations to look better or to start a new life. While women try out as many hairstyles as possible men usually keep their posh style with several trendy haircuts. However when you change your look it seems as if you become another personality and this is so fascinating. If you have always been in elegant and sleek hairstyles then you should certainly have a kind of fun with shaggy hairstyles in 2016. Perhaps you are tired of the same dull and old-fashioned hairstyles. Why not try something new and more creative?shaggy hairstyles for men 2016Shaggy Spiky Hairstyle

It is quite easy to create a shaggy effect on spiky hairstyles. And though many consider this a street style but we see classy celebrities matching it with their festive outfits and neat looks.Travis Van Winkle shaggy hairstyle 2016How to Style: First start with damp hair. Blow dry it using a brush and try to create an upwards effect. Then apply matte hair cream or pomade and get the spikes on the top part with the help of your fingers. Again blow dry and this time do your best to fix the created voluminous and high effect. Spray hair spray as a finishing touch.

Loose Shaggy Curly Hairstyle

Be it short or long curly hair looks messy. But this is one of the benefits of curly hair since it allows you to rock ravishing and flashy hairstyles.loose curly shag hairstyle 2016 How to Style: If you have naturally curly hair you are supposed to enhance its beauty. So, rub curl-enhancing products and create a shaggy style using your fingers. It is not necessary to use hair drier as it will only make hair unruly.

Asian Men Shaggy Hairstyle

The majority of Asian men are big fans of shaggy hairstyles. Their haircuts and hair types allow them to go for various messy hairstyles which soon become big trends in the fashion world.  Both straight and wavy locks are possible to turn into shaggy hairstyles.asian men shaggy hairstyle 2016How to Style: Apply a little amount of hair cream to keep control over tresses. Then use a hair drier to add some volume and shag. You can comb your hair while blow drying and once you are done with the desired effect mess your hair with fingers and get the style you most like.

Shaggy Back-Blown Hairstyle

Here you see s upper trendy hairstyle for guys who seek for more attention. This seductive hairstyle is one of the most required ones in salons. However if you have enough hair length you can achieve the same even by back blown shagy hairstyle 2016How to Style: Apply volume-enhancing pomades or waxes on your hair. Then brush all back by hair drier. If you like you can change the direction to one side for a messier and more fascinating look. Brush as long as you keep the hair I its place. Then fix the look with hair spray. This hairstyle best works with thick hair.



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