Different Hairstyles for Men with Thick hair

If you are blessed with thick hair then you are lucky, because you can experiment with various textures. There is so much to do with thick hair while we cannot say the same thing about thin hair type. Here I have included some top hairstyles for men with thick hair that are going to be super trendy in the upcoming seasons too. The most important thing is be willing to opt for changes since they may bring some spark into your life. Feel free to pair these modern hairdos with thick or thin beards or other patterns. If you are ready, let’s start!Different Hairstyles for Men with Thick hairUndercut Hairstyle for Thick Curly Hair

This is the coolest headdress for men with thick curly texture. The strands on the top are pretty short and textured while the sides are shaved to create an undercut design. The styling is easy as well. You have to blow dry your strands and apply a small amount of hair pomade or gel to keep your gorgeous curls in the place.Undercut Hairstyle for Thick Curly HairHigh Skin Fade and Long Fringe

Here is another cool option for men with thick hair. It entails high skin fade with disconnected beard. Long fringe also grabs attention and it makes an excellent pair with short sides. Well, you will need some time to grow out your fringe but it is really worth your effort. As soon as you have long fringe, style it with the help of blow dryer or hair products.High Skin Fade and Long FringeMedium-Length Hair with Short Sides

If you want to grow your hair out, then this option is a way to go. It entails high skin fade and a medium length on the top. The hair on the sides has been shaved to keep the focus on the top of the head. Well, we can also notice some highlights placed throughout the strands to give a sophisticated touch to the style. For styling you can use either hair products or blow dryer.Medium Length Hair with Short SidesPompadour with Bald Fade

Traditional pompadour gets a whole new look due to a bald fade. If you want to try something different rather than a traditional pompadour hairstyle, then this option is definitely for you. It works for short hair too. If you are planning to re-create this look, brush your hair up and back then with the help of strong hold pomade fix your pompadour.Pompadour with Bald FadeTextured Thick Hairstyle

This adorable headdress looks best on thick hair. It requires a low bald fade, disconnected beard and of course textured quiff. The headdress has been paired with thick beard to complete the overall look. If you have a cut like this, consider styling your hair exactly like this using blow dryer and hair products.Textured Thick Hairstyle



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