Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Men in 2018

Dreadlocks are popular among black men. Dreads can be rocked in numerous styles- short, long, loose or up done. Dreadlocks are strikingly gorgeous when styled in amazing ponytail, bun or half up half down style. They can be paired with a low, mid or high fade. You can never go wrong with dreads. Below we have compiled dreadlocks hairstyles for men in 2018. Note that dreads are included into the list of protective hairstyles. By rocking them you may skip styling or visits to you barber. Read forward and go ahead with your favorite design. dreadlocks hairstylesLocks and Dreads 

Medium length dreads are trendy like nothing else. In this particular design locks up high and beard down low are connected by a fade. Beside this, there is also a wonderful hair design that makes the entire headdress more interesting and stylish. Undercut allows us to see wild tattoos. If you want to go bold, consider trying this eye-catching and outstanding hairstyle. locks and dreadsHalf up Half Down Bun 

Samurai men bun hairstyles are trendy like nothing else. Shoulder length dreads are worn with a loose fringe. All you need to do is to give your hair some dreads and then by taking a section out of our locks pull in a half up half down style. Messy and disheveled style of the dreads make them more fascinating. Just try the look for yourself and forget about styling your hair for several days. Half Ponytail 

Some men find it really irritating when the strands fall down their face. Indeed, half ponytail is the best solution. Half ponytail takes the strands out of the face while letting it down over the shoulder. It is the greatest hairstyle that men rock as well as women. If you have dreads, don’t miss your chance to rock this trendy hairstyle. 
half ponytail
Ultra-Long Dreads

If you want to rock super long dreads but you don’t enough hair length to do that, you should think of extensions. Hair extensions are the best to provide you with a sophisticated look. Faux locks look great on everyone. This headdress is all about a temple fade that transitions between long dreadlocks and a black beard. Note that mini dreads are pulled together and secured with hair elastic. long dreadlocksLoose Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are powerful when worn down. Just have a look at the model below. He demonstrates messy dreads that are swept to the side to bring out the length and messiness. As soon as you get these dreads, simply sweep them to the side and the impressive style is ready. 



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