European Haircut Trends for Men in 2018

Today we have put together European haircut trends for men in 2018. These hairstyles and haircuts have been created by popular barbers around Europe. While selecting the following looks, we have come to know that textured haircuts are in mainstream. European men love to sport hairstyles that are textured and have some length. Boldly shaped fringes are also part of popular crops. If you are trying to find a right haircut for you, go on reading and adopt something that is close to your nature.hairstyles for menTextured Crop for Men

Textured crop hairstyles have been highly popular among European men. This haircut is quite bold with a blunt fringe and a blonde streak throughout the strands. Boldly shaved sides add a masculine touch to the look. However, we highly recommend you rocking this haircut with thick beard. Keep everything well-groomed and neat. Regular visits to hair salon is “must”.Textured Crop for MenAngled Bangs

Textured bangs look twice better when rocked with blunt and angled bangs. Just have a look at this cut it has drawn its inspiration right from popular “V” haircut. This haircut looks quite cool on this man. However, before you will adopt this look make sure that you have appropriate face shape. Go for regular trim to keep your bangs in shape.Heavy Bangs

It seems haircuts with short sides and long top, are never going to leave men’s fashion. Here is another model that demonstrates a different textured haircut. This cool version of crop has plenty of weight on top but everything is balanced. If you are looking for a new crop to change up your appearance, consider this amazing and eye-catching hairstyle.heavy bangsSide-Parted Hairstyle

This modern hairdo takes the textured haircuts a notch higher. It is spiced up with a shaved side parting and lots of volume and texture. It is a headdress for trendsetter men who never fear to make a bold statement. Actually, you need to grow your hair to medium-length to get this style. Finish the style with a pair of glasses for smart vibes.Side-Parted HairstyleSlicked Haircut with Bald Fade

Slicked back haircuts with bald fade are beloved by European men. The following crop combines several patterns- textured top, straight across bangs and tapered fade. If you want to copy this look, show this picture to your hairstylist and ask for the same hairstyle. I am sure with a haircut like this you will stand out in the crowd. For styling, feel free to use hair products.Slicked Haircut with Bald Fade



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