Fabulous Flat Top Haircuts for Men for 2017

It is not a secret that women’s hairstyles grab more attention than hairstyles worn by men. That’s because women prefer to go for edgier and crazier hairdos than men. But modern hairstyles for men also look cool and trendy. One of the most breathtaking hairstyles for men is a flat top haircut. This version of the cut is pretty popular among black men but men of other races also can rock it. Actually a flat top is a cut that is high and has a box shape. It is a stylish style for hipster men too. By the way check out these fabulous flat top haircuts for men for 2017.Fabulous Flat Top Haircuts for Men for 2017Pompadour Flat Top

It is one of the best versions of flat top hairstyles. It has been styled into a pompadour to create a modern hairdo. The style has been completed with a side part to give it a dapper look. However you will need to use a generous amount of hair gels to have a neat and clean look like this one. First of all consider finding a skilful barber, who will help you to adopt this cut.Pompadour Flat TopSeductive Flat Top Hair

This particular flat top features some natural grey strands that make the overall style even more flattering. The grey throughout hair and facial hair makes this flat top less traditional.  The best thing about this look is that it works great for men of different ages. If you are a mature man or a young boy you can adopt it and grab ladies’ attention.Seductive Flat Top HairBlack Flat Top

I have already mentioned that flat top hairstyles are pretty popular particular among black men because their natural texture allows them to achieve incredible height and volume. What can proof my words better than this picture? This high flat-top involves a mid skin fade along the side and the back. You don’t have to worry about facial hair since the hair on the top draws all attention away from the beard.Black Flat TopSide Part Flat Top

What about this option? Simple elements added to the cut may radically change the appearance of your hairstyle. This is an elegant version of flat top haircut that works well for all occasions. However it features a neat side part, softened edges and filled in sides. The hair has been gently combed to achieve this effect.Side Part Flat TopMini Flat Top

This flat top is barely visible but it still looks cool. As you see the sides have been completely shaven while the top is super short. This is an excellent style for military men but that doesn’t mean others can’t pull it off.Mini Flat Top



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