Faded Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Have you ever thought about combining two different hairstyles? You should! When you combine different textures, you can be sure of a unique hairdo. Faded Mohawks are in rage. There are plenty of faded Mohawks to choose from. Actually all faded hairstyles are super trendy and stylish. Mohawks are also one of the most requested hairstyles that look great with faded sides. The classic Mohawks with shaved sides are extreme and may seem inappropriate in some settings. If you don’t have any idea on how you can wear it, check out these faded Mohawk hairstyles for men.Faded Mohawk Hairstyles for MenMohawk Fade Hairstyle

This style is better than regular Mohawk fade. Some patterns have been added to create a unique and eye-catching design. This style is great for Afro-American men since their natural kinky strands allow them to wear such curls on the top. The height and the texture of the locks are super adorable. However, it is important to go for regular touch ups to keep the design in shape.Mohawk Fade HairstyleMullet Inspired Mohawk Hair

If you are in love with traditional Mohawk styles then you will be impressed by this version too. This style reminds us of retro mullet cuts that entail a long tail. The spikes have been added in the back to introduce some interest into the style. You just need to get the cut correctly and styling will become super effortless. However, you will need to use hair products to keep your spikes in place.Mullet Inspired Mohawk HairMid Fade Mohawk-Like Design

Mid fades and high fades are great when paired with side swept hairstyles. This allows you to go for Mohawk-like design too. It is a modern take on Mohawk styles that looks super professional and can be adopted by all men. By the way you can also switch up your hair color to add a sophisticated touch to the style- ash blonde or light brown is an excellent choice.Mid Fade Mohawk Like DesignCaesar Inspired Mohawk

While wearing a new hairdo, you should consider your natural texture. This Mohawk is an excellent option for men with wavy hair. The slick hairdo is emphasized by a skin fade that starts very high. The natural waves make a great element for this Mohawk- even if you don’t have natural waves, you can create them by using a generous amount of hair products. Consider pairing it with neat facial hair style.Caesar Inspired MohawkPompadour Mohawk

This is a great style to rock when you are looking for an elegant hairdo. A taper fade Mohawk with clean lines sweeps the backwards and over the top while the sides are combed downwards. It is a style to make a fashion statement. If you like it, simply show the picture to your stylist and ask for the same ‘do.Pompadour Mohawk



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