Fresh Hairstyle Ideas for Men in 2017

If you are searching for fresh hairstyle ideas for men in 2017, look no further. These hairstyles feature the latest trends that are low-maintenance. Luckily, they can be adopted by men with different hair types and textures. Men are always searching for no-maintenance hair looks, so here they can really find something that is low-maintenance but they are in high style. Just go on reading to discover the cool hairdos that I have compiled for you. Let’s hope you will have something to ask for your next appointment.Fresh Hairstyle Ideas for Men in 2017Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Those who have thick mane, should consider this trending style. It features multitude layers throughout the strands give hair some shape and makes the styling easy. The extra length at the hairline enhance the texture of the strands. Undoubtedly, it is a chic headdress that is worth trying. Keep in your mind that the trendiest hairstyles have short sides and long top.Short Haircut for Thick HairShort Spiky Hairstyle

This is another cool hairstyle that has enough length at the top that you can style it in spikes or sleek back style. If you want to achieve these refined spikes, work product into hair with fingers. There is a misconception that spiky hairstyles are not for formal occasions, but try it with an elegant suit and tie and you will see that they also work quite well for special events as well.Short Spiky HairstyleHigh and Tight Low Fade

High and tight is one of the most popular short hairstyles among Afro-American men. It features ultra-short sides and long top. This version of high and tight short haircut is all about a high-low fade above the ear. However, the disconnected sideburns and well-groomed beard style also take an entire look a notch higher. If you are a black man, try out the best hairstyle for your texture.High and Tight Low FadeCurly Hair with Fade

Men’s short haircuts are evolving day by day. Your curly hair will never look boring if it is created according to the latest trends. This model is blessed with natural curls, so it allows him to go for different styles. His headdress features taper fade and long curls at the top. The style can be paired with goatee or wear it with clean shaved face.Curly Hair with FadeGray Hair Color and Spiky Hairstyle

It is crazy to see men switching up their hair color as well. This model has bleached his locks to achieve a perfect gray hair color. He proves that not only women but also men can rock the latest hair shades. He has spiked up his locks to give it a mannish touch. If you are bold enough to update your hair color with the coolest shades this is the best option to go ahead with.Gray Hair Color and Spiky Hairstyle



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