Ginger Hairstyle Ideas by Johnny Harrington

According to a famous top model Johnny Harrington growing up with red hair is a little tough but yet cool thing. He likes to be a bit different and he thinks that everyone should be somehow unique. Is it true that redhead models are nowadays in high demand? It seems yes. Since red is unique shade among men, it is in mainstream.Ginger Hairstyle Ideas by Johnny Harrington Redhead men obviously stand out of the crowd and grab attention. Those who don’t have natural red strands, think about getting it. The most natural hue of red is ginger. It requires cool skin complexion. By the way if you are not redhead but you have intentions to get it, then go on reading to see one of the most popular models Johnny Herrington’s ginger hairstyle ideas.    

Johnny Harrington Long Beard

Johnny says that he follows a rigorous beauty regime in order to keep his beard in high conditions. Since his beard is undivided part of his style, I have decided to represent you his signature long thick beard combined with long strands. Facial hair is perfectly groomed which is pretty visible. Probably this type of beard wouldn’t be complete without flawless locks. Undoubtedly this look deserves to be on the covers of top magazines.

johnny harrington long hair

johnny harrington long hair

Johnny Harrington Updo

You have seen this guy somewhere, right? It is not surprising because internet is full of this popular model’s pictures. Therefore being so fashionable and trendy Johnny Harrington is an example for many guys. His glorious messy updo is styled in the middle of the head. Thick curly beard visually adds length to his face. Who could resist this tempting look?

Johnny Harrington  updo hairstyle

Johnny Harrington updo hairstyle

Johnny Harrington Medium Length Hair

This hot dude looks sexy with medium length hair as well. His skin tone, long full beard and shoulder-length make a new statement. Soft textured tresses grab attention and make you want to have the same hairstyle. By the way this length of hair brings out the beauty of his long face shapes.

Johnny Harrington  medium length hair

Johnny Harrington medium length hair

Johnny Harrington Blowback Hairstyle

Let’s move to the next hairstyle which is a bit shorter. Blowback classic hairstyle has retro roots. This hairstyle looks better with modern twists. Obviously Johnny Harrington rocks blowback and leaves us speechless. The secret of getting it is just to use your hair dryer. Use a brush to comb your tresses back while blowing. Don’t forget to finish the look with hairspray.

Johnny Harrington  Blow back hairstyle

Johnny Harrington Blow back hairstyle

Johnny Harrington Long Hair

Have you imagined men wearing so long hair? Now you should definitely consider. Johnny grew his hair out and impressed people with his super long shiny locks. His hairstylists enhanced this long hairstyle with hair highlights. Like always his beard looks groomed and neat. Being a redhead top model Johnny Harrington has reached to the highest apexes. So, isn’t it time for you to follow him?

Johnny Harrington  long hair

Johnny Harrington long hair



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