Hairstyle Ideas by Mariano Di Vaio

Fashion influencer, actor and founder of “Nohow” clothing brand Mariano Di Viao is a huge source of inspiration for males that look for the latest trends. He has more than 5.4 millions followers on Instagram. This Italian model loves to be trendy and sometimes he uploads some videos where he teaches his followers how to get a perfect hairstyle. Well, today we have decided to do our own research and represent you some iconic hairstyles by Mariano Di Vaio. Probably here you will find some new ideas for your next hairstyle transformation.Hairstyle Ideas by Mariano Di VaioQuiff Hairstyle

Quiffs are probably among the most popular hairstyles of Mariano. His medium hair length allows him to experiment with various quiff styles. A simple quiff accentuates a messy look with plenty of texture and length. You can easily achieve Mariano’s this look by using your blow-dryer and hair wax. With some simple movements you can get a chic style like this.quiff hairstyle Mariano Di VaioSlicked Back Hair

Slicked back hairstyles are still in mainstream. To replicate his prominent slicked back style you should consider using good hair pomade. This classic headdress brings out his facial features and works really well his outfit. Note that the sides are short enough to keep the look neat and clean. It is a hairstyle for different types of occasions.Pompadour Hairstyle

Just the right hair length is the key to these hairstyles. In this picture you can see a natural-looking pompadour without extreme details or patterns. In order to hold your pompadour in the place, simply use a matte wax that also provides a natural texture. Make sure you are using qualified hair products to achieve your desired effect.Pompadour Hairstyle Mariano Di VaioBrush Up Hairstyle

Actually brush up hairstyle is the easiest style to achieve. You will need to use your blow-dryer to get some volume and then brush your hair up. Most of Mariano Di Vaio’s hairstyles have plenty of volume and the best method to get volume is to opt for blow-dryer. You can even brush your hair up with the help of your fingers.Side Part Hairstyle

Mariano Di Vaio can be spotted with a side part hairstyle quite often. It seems this style is one of his favorite styles. The natural side part has been paired with messy look to match his casual outfit. In this case also you can achieve messy and disheveled look with the help of hair products. Try to keep the sides short to highlight the longer strands on the top. Plus short sides and long top hairstyles are pretty popular nowadays.Side Part Hairstyle



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