High and Tight Haircuts for Men

Women’s hairstyles and haircuts offer the most variety, myth.  We have already proved that men’s hairstyles and haircuts can be as diverse as women’s. Men’s creative hairstyles grab too much attention and some popular haircuts for men happen to be inspired by the military. Men’s high and tight cuts are one of them. These headdresses features shaved or faded sides with a short portion of hair on the top. High and tight hairdos can be both edgy and classy. For some inspiration check out the pictures represented below.High and Tight Haircuts for MenSide Part High and Tight

Add some character into your high and tight hair with the help of some elements. One of the best ways is to incorporate a cool shaved side part and a bit longer hair up, combed to one side, as seen. For a simple styling opt for some hair products, so that you will be sure that your headdress will look neat and clean all day long.Side Part High and TightHigh and Tight for Receding Hairline

There is a good option for men with receding hairline too- the shorter haircut is the best. This particular high and tight hairstyle features shaven sides that conceal the receding hairline and eliminate the problem. I am sure many men will appreciate this cut if they have a vivid problem with receding hairline. However clean-shaved sides give a neat touch to the appearance.High and Tight for Receding HairlineBuzz Cut with Shaved Sides

I have already mentioned that high and tight haircuts require shorter strands on the top of the head and this one is the best example. It is an incredible cut that features break from the traditional high and tight style and instead opts for a completely shaved look all over. However just grown out stubble beard can make a great pair with this hairstyle.Buzz Cut with Shaved SidesCaesar Inspired High and Tight Hair

Today it is common to get inspired by retro hairstyles and create something new and fresh. This cut has been influenced by the Caesar haircut and it turned out to be both polished and modern. Baby bangs are the most prominent pattern that reminds us of Caesar cuts. It is a low-maintenance look that doesn’t require much care end effort.Caesar Inspired High and Tight HairFunky High and Tight Hair

Well, the first thing that grabs our attention is the color- it is bold green. We can say that it is a funky inspired high and tight haircut that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. It is a modern and edgy way to spice up a traditional style. Everything about this style is flawless but it is not as low-maintenance as other ones since you will need to freshen up you color regularly.Funky High and Tight Hair



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