High Fade Haircuts for Men

Men’s hairstyles in 2018 get better and cooler. Barbers combine different kinds of patterns for a whole new look. High, low fades, shaved sides, spiked up tops, messy fringes etc.are totally in mainstream. Today we have rounded up high fade haircuts for men. If you prefer unique haircuts and hairstyles you will definitely find something among these chic styles. Just go on reading and pick up a crop according to your taste and preferences.Quiff and High Skin Fade 

It is a hairstyle that will take you far. This trendy haircut features thick hair styled into textured spikes and a quiff at the forehead. But this haircut wouldn’t be perfect without a high skin fade. A crop like this will define your nature and taste. If you have appropriate face shape and a good natural texture, don’t think twice before getting this incredible hairstyle. high fade hairstyleMessy Sweep Back Hairstyle 

Swept back hairstyles are trendy like nothing else. This classic hairstyle for men, never shows any sign of disappearing instead it’s evolving day by day. It is a wind swept look that combines slick hair with a right amount of messiness. The look can be rocked both casually and formally. Use hair products to keep your hair in place. Flat Top Fade 

Flat top and high fade make the best combination ever. The shaved sides of a high fade emphasize the height of the hairstyle. It is a signature hairstyle for black men as their texture allows them to rock a flat top hairstyle like this. The advantage of rocking this crop is that it draws attention to the face. If being trendy is your intention, get the style for yourself. Modern Pompadour Hairstyle 

Nowadays, trendy pompadours are being worn with a high fade. That’s not only makes the styling better, but also adds a visual interest to the look. The texture is the key to this look. If you are blessed with a good texture, forget about hair products otherwise opt for texturizing hair products. With or without grown out facial hair, this headdress is quite fascinating. Long Crop and Fringe 

The following style is for those that are in love with long fringes. It is a creative and bold way to play up with long bangs. You will need to ask your hairstylist for shaved sides and messy bangs. Just run your fingers throughout your locks to add a right amount of messiness. It is worth to try this headdress, if you want to stand out in the crowd. 
Long fringe



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